The declaration...

           Charles watched as Kathy walked back towards the Mansion clenching the book tightly in her slender fingers. He wondered if she would read the poem, the poem in which he had said it all.

           The sun had just drifted behind the dark clouds and a soft wind brushed against his face making him close his eyes, he missed her already and recalled how his heart had suddenly skipped a beat when his hands had touched hers. He opened his dreamy eyes and watched the picturesque view of the forest, he had been in this very forest countless number of times but never had he noticed the beauty that was in front of him. 'Is this how being in love feels like?' He shouted suddenly to himself grinning, as he walked across the pathless forest wondering if everything around him had been that beautiful before. He felt like the beauty in everything he set eyes on had magnified a thousand times.  

                It was obvious that he was crazy for her, but he wondered if she would feel the same. He felt heaviness in his stomach as he thought about the hardships they would have to endure. Trying to shun the unpleasant thoughts away he continued walking recalling her face, her voice, her heart warming smile....

              Charles started to recite,

If only you could perceive

The things I would do to receive

Your heart in return of mine

When I look into you eyes so divine.

If only you would let me prove

The thorns that I am ready to remove

That obstructs our path to paradise

You would only have to look back into my eyes.

If only you would ask

I would happily perform any task

Even the moon I would bring

Or the entire universe tied by a string.

If only you would let me hold you

for a million years I would be glad to

But even the million years would not quench

The thirst for your love until I drench.

The End

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