The moment

Cathy clutched the book to her chest. Oh gosh, she thought, I cannot feel this way for my master. She knew it was wrong but she could not top. He set alight burning flames of desire deep within her soul.

His poetry was almost as alluring as his beautiful eye which seemed to hold untold tales of mystery. Cathy felt flustered just looking at this incredible man. "Well, that was..." Cathy breathes out after gathering herself together. Gosh, she had let herself laugh so freely.

She knows to not to do that before a man much too worthy for her. Especially one of such a beautiful heart. He must be to create such romantic poetry. He must be so deeply in love with this girl. Oh how jealous of her Cathy felt but she knew there was no chance of her every even slightly interesting this young master.

"Sorry about that" Charles said causing a blush to rise to the maid cheeks. She lowered her head and then strokes the hand he had held without thought.

"No need to apologize, sir" she says curtsying. "I must return to my duties. Thank you for the book. I will return them to you with my thoughts"

"Please do" he whispers and looks at the maid in a way that leaves her so torn. The look telling her not to leave but knowing she must. Curtsying again she scurries away clutching the journal for dear life. Heading straight to a corner in the servents quarter she flips the book open eagerly.

'Opening my eyes I see her,

I pray she sees me and pray she does not

The fiery girl so tempting that she confuses all,

A maid of two ways, living to serve

living to please through her duties,

carrying the laudry and bringing tea,

that is the maid I seek'

The End

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