The accidental run...

      Charles grins, totally taken aback by the question. He doesn't want to scare her away by confessing his budding love for her neither does he want to lie to her. He looks back at her enquiring eyes and answers, ' With someone I met recently.'  They look at each other briefly then their gaze repels like equal polarities. 

After an awkward pause Charles says, 'Here's something for you.' Handing over a leather bounded notebook to Cathy. 'What is this?' Cathy asks curiously as she takes it eagerly. ' It contains some of my poems, I would like you to read it and tell me if it's any good.' 'It would be an honor! ' She exclaims in excitement.

    She starts flipping the pages instantly while Charles tries to look aloof as he pretends to write something. Smiling at himself Charles begins to steal glances of her totally engrossed in reading the book when he hears someone calling out his name. He looks over to find Tom walking briskly shouting his name. Thanking God for the bush obstructing Tom's view from noticing him, Charles holds Cathy's hand and pulls her as he starts running towards the back entrance of the garden. They run together across the forest for quite sometime enjoying the feeling of the light breeze hitting their faces. Charles stops near a river and looks across Cathy, breathless from the run as she looks back and they both burst out laughing.

Wild love....

As they walked along the silent path

Wondering what's on each other's mind

Puzzled by their love, like an unsolved math

As he gazed into her eyes completely spellbind.

Their love was pure enfolded with passion like a bomb ,

Oh so intense was their love thence,

Like a wild rose beautiful and calm

Yet ever ready to draw blood for its defense.

Each night they prayed for a moment more,

Never getting enough of their love so true

As they walked back their hearts tore,

Praying for a new day with skies bright blue.

Oh yes its the calmest before a storm

But anything is possible with a love so strong.

Cathy read the sonnet again and again until she knew it off by heart. 


The End

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