The mistake

Cathy jumped when the door to the libary swung open. "Maid Cathy, what are you doing here?" Olivia says as she steps in. She eyes her brother and then Cathy with a piercing gaze.

"Sorry, Miss Olivia" Cathy mutters with a curtsy. Oh gosh, she thinks, I'm going to be in so much trouble.

"No, its okay" Charles says turning to his sister. "I request her help"

"Hmmph, Maid Cathy, I think its time you returned to bed" Olivia says calmly. Cathy curtsies slowly.

"Yes, Miss Olivia" she says then turns to Charles. "Master Charles"

Charles watches the maid with fascinated eyes as she turns and leaves slowly while Cathy herself cant seem to stop thinking of the poem that fills her ears with a sweet melody. What am I doing? Cathy thinks as she walks briskly down the hallway.

She stops close to her room and clutches her stomach taking deep slow breaths before heading into her room where Melonie is still fast asleep. Cathy stiffles a laugh and gets ready for bed.

She slips beneath the cold blanket and huddles up using her body heat to stop her tremors.


Cathy drags her feet as she walks. She carries the laundry in her arms heading towards the washroom tiredly. Going to bed late had not been good for her and now she was feeling the consequences. She dumped the laundry in the arms of another maid once she reached the laundry room. Then she turned to head towards the pantry where she had the job of unloading food.

Taking the garden route she walked slowly breathing in the fresh air. Then the sound of poetry made her stop.

"I hoped I would love someone who I could love freely,

Who I could love wildly like a fiery flame,

But you drag me down into the depths of you arms,

Such a simple life but how can we be,

We can't that is the truth,

We can never be together; rolls along a summers path hand in hand,

Something within me burn though, it wants to roar out free,

The roaring flame within me that grows from love,

Love forbidden for you but I just cant stop,

I cant stop loving you like a fiesty tigger,

The need to hold you, love you, cherish you,

Is stronger than the strength I have to fight you,

Because you, you, you are the one"

Cathy rounded the corner to find Charles with a journal in hand. "Thats beautiful" she whispers. She puts a hand over her mouth and bows her head. "If you dont mind me saying of course"

Charles for a moment stands shocked then snaps the book shut. "Its nice of you to think that"

"So you are in love then" Cathy asks then blushes cherry red. "Oh, sorry, I shouldnt ask it isnt my place"

"Yes, I am" Charles says looking at the maid with a gaze so strong Cathy has to hold back her shiver. Why is he looking at me like that? She thinks. The look is so intimate. Its almost like Charles tries to look deep into Cathy's soul and Cathy herself cant stop the blush coming to her cheeks.

"Oh, with who?" Cathy asks softly.

The End

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