The pain in the silence...

         Charles lifted his dreamy eyes as he heard someone approach the door, he stood up to enquire the intrusion. Wondering who could have decided to come to the library at this hour, he walked forward with his brows furrowed.

It was Cathy, holding a candle and the light emitting through it only magnified her beauty. As he raised his eyes to admire her she started saying something but he was too smitten by her and the words didn't even make sense. He forgot how he had spent his entire evening in the library trying to forget the feeling he felt by merely looking at her. He forgot about the things he would risk if these feelings grew a bit more. He felt oblivious to everything except the girl standing in front of him.

Then suddenly he saw the maid's uniform she was wearing. It was like someone had suddenly thrown a bucket of icy cold water over him. He suddenly contorted his face and yelled, ' What business do you have here?' He could see the surprise in her eyes but this time the surprised look was not like before, she looked hurt. She started speaking but before she could utter a word Charles yelled, 'Get lost from here servant girl.' He watched as she lowered her head and started walking without a word towards the door. Only he knew the pain he felt as he watched her take each step towards the door.

'Stop!' Charles shouted suddenly. When she turned he raised his hand and showed her a seat in front of his desk. She approached him and took the seat quietly. He started pacing the room to control his emotions and essentially to avoid looking into her eyes. ' I would like to recite something I just wrote and would like to hear your opinion about it.' His heart flipped when her lips parted and uttered 'Yes sir'. He began with his deep tone breaking the silence of the night...

"Push me away.

Far away from where you stand

Even if I am bleeding, crying or hurt.

Keep pushing me away until I break

break completely until nothing remains of me 

Don't even think of consoling me, embracing me

Just keep pushing me far away.

It's not that I love the pain inflicted on me,

the pain that keeps growing within me

consuming me from the inside of every part of me.

It's just that pain is what

I have always been familiar with.

Love just ain't compatible with me.

So just keep pushing me far away

and don't let me hold on to anything.

Because holding on to certain things

Is what has brought me here,

Tangled by the love filled with thorns

Piercing my soul oozing crimson drops everywhere

Leaving me alone in this ghastly state

To bleed all of the little love 

That remained within me."

Charles stopped pacing to look over his only audience stare at him with tear filled eyes. One look and all he wanted to do was to feel what it would be like to hold her, to touch her, to kiss her. He started walking towards her urgently. Then stopped as he suddenly heard footsteps approaching them.

The End

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