Master of the house

Oh gosh, Cathy though, it couldnt be. She just couldnt believe she had fallen in love with the master of the house. She paced her and Melonie's sleeping quarters twirls her hair round her finger in panic. She slumped to her tiny bed and let her face drop into her hands.

"Whats the matter?" Melonie asks as she walks into the small room looking completely drained from her hash day in the kitchen.

"He's the master of the house" Cathy mutters looking up at her friend with teary eyes. "I was such an idiot, Melonie. Just to even to set my eyes on some man higher than me" She says and sighs her shoulders dropping.

"What?" Melonie gasps sitting down on the edge of her bed. "You met Master Charles. Oh my gosh, they say he's the most amazing poet ever. Aparantly he's never been in love though. It's so tragically romantic" Cathy watches her friend sigh dreamily and feel anger boil inside her for what she could only percieve as jealousy. Why was she jealous? It wasnt like Charles was hers.

"Never?" Cathy presses. "He's never been in love?"

"Never in his life aparantly. Even if he was at the same class I still wouldn't bother" Melonie explains waving her hand. "I think you should forget about him and lets just go to bed"

Cathy nods and begins to dress for bed slipping beneath the thin cotton sheet with a shiver. She lies still listening to her friend fall to sleep. Thoughts of Charles drift through the young maids mind.

"To want a man that is a sin,

Like soft pastry that is so thin,

Broken inside like a snapped twig,

I thought love to be something big"

Cathy sings the words quietly sighing and rising. She slipped out of her bed dressing again and sneaking out of the room. She sneaked along the darkened corridors towards the libary. She would be probably be punished if she was caught but to feel the touch of paper beneath her fingers and the rusty scent of paper would be worth it.

She slipped into the libary and stopped. "Oh.. sir... I did  not. I did not see you there" Cathy stuttered as Master Charles slowly raised her eyes to the ones of the frightened maid.

I'm done for, she thought with a hint of sadness.

The End

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