In love with his maid....

Charles had spend his entire afternoon searching for the girl he had seen in the garden. After he regained himself he went out looking for her everywhere he could. He didn't know her name, didn't know where she came from not even if she had been just a dream. Trying to avoid the thought that she could be just a fragment of his imagination he made his way back home.

'I need to find her.... ' He muttered to himself as he climbed the stairs leading to the mansion. Suddenly it struck him, he had seen him in the garden of his own mansion! Realizing how stupid he had been running around the town searching for her when she must have been right there in his home.She must be one of Olivia's friends he thought as he walked in the front door. Just then he felt a hand grab his neck, 'Where have you been, you brat.' He looked up and saw a familiar face glaring down at him. 'I've finally found my love ';Charles answered and he felt his best friend's arm loosen as he let go off his neck. Tom's  expressions suddenly changed as he went forward and hugged his best friend, slapping his back. 'When can I meet her?' Tom asked Charles as they went into the parlour. Charles sighed as he sat down making himself comfortable avoiding Tom's eyes. 'What's wrong mate? Are you crushing on a married woman or something, you look torn?' Tom asked putting on a grim face. Charles smiled looking over at his best friend , who knew every secret of his and had been on his side since eternity.

'I met her this morning in the garden, laid my eyes on her and just fell in love...' Charles explained with his eyes fixed over the window through which the garden was visible. Tom blinked as he tried to let in all that he was hearing from his friend. As Charles handed him a paper he took it silently and started reading,

"As I laid my eyes on you,

all that is I knew is forgotten

everything is erased from my memory 

it feels like I was born again

for the sole purpose of loving you insane.

As I laid my eyes on you

You took my breath away

you took my soul away

and every bit of all that I am

Building a whole new world for me.

As I laid my eyes on you

I wished as if it were my dying wish

to hear you call out my name with those lips

as you stared at me with those earnest eyes

as if waiting for a natural response from  mine.

As I laid my eyes on you

you lit my veins on fire 

as I lost myself into this haze of dreams

leaving me crazily craving for you

the one whom I had seen in my dreams."

Charles suddenly stood up seeing the girl he had been looking for almost all day walk into the room carrying a tray. He was awestruck just as he had been in the garden as he looked at her for the second time falling in love with her all over again. As she gazed at him with the same expression as earlier Charles finally managed to gather the courage and grabbed her wrist.

'Who are you?' Charles yelled unable to control his emotions. 'She is our new maid' Everyone looked over to find Olivia standing on the entrance of the parlour gleaming as always. Charles quickly let go of Cathy's wrist as she ran out of the room blushing. 'What were you thinking catching the maid's hand Charles? ' Olivia asked pouring herself some tea. 'I mistook her for someone else.' Charles answered with a sinking feeling in his stomach .He was in love with his maid....


The End

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