The Heart

Cathy raced back into the mansion feeling her heart slamming against her ribs. She tugs at the skirt of her dress pulling it down as she ran down the exquisit hallways. Who the hell was that?

His dark mysterious eyes captured the young maid instantly. She felt swept of her feet in an instant. It had scared her. She had turned on her heals and ran with all her might back into the house. She ran now down the hallways her breath coming out ragged. She headed towards the kitchen where Melonie worked. She needed to speak with her friend. She had to tell her about this beautiful young man she had just seen.

He obviously of higher class than her and that made Cathy falter in her rush. She stopped and pressed a hand over her beating heart. Her chest rised up and down pressing her stomach against the corset that was tight around her stomach but stopped below her breasts. She wore it over her thin cotton dress that was off the shoulder and had long sleeves. The dress was a light blue and the corset brown which clashed a bit harshly with the bright colour. The dress fell down to just below her knees. She wore laced up boots on her feet that stopped three inches before her knee.

Cathy took a deep breath. She was flustered. She shouldnt react so quickly. She had only been serving this family for about a month. She didnt know the people of the town well. Her only friend was Melonie who had made the move with her.

"I must tell her. She could help me" Cathy spoke to herself. She began to walk slowly again towards the kitchen. The moment she entered she felt herself relax. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen was familiar to her. She walked through dodging people rushing around and avoiding the eye of the head cook, Freeda.

Melonie was at the sink washing dishes. Cathy slipped in next to her pretending to watch dishes. "Cathy!" Melonie gasped as she jumped with surprise.

"Hello, hows the day going?"

"Well" Melonie replies with a sigh. "I'm trying to avoid Freeda though. She's in a bad mood"

Both girls look over there shoulder towards the screaming cook then at each other. They burst into giggles and turn back to the dishes. They fall into silence as they wash the dishes with Cathy actually beginning to help out. "I saw a young guy, Melonie. I think... I think I've fallen in love"

"What?" Melonie gasps quietly. "Seriously?"

Cathy nods and then sighs her body slumping a bit. "He's not a servant though. It could never work"

"Oh, Cathy... there's always a chance with love" Melonie says. Cathy shakes her head not believing the idea in the slightest.

"I must go" Cathy says to her friend drying her hands. "Miss Olivia's bed wont change itself"

"Goodbye" Melonie calls after her friend. Cathy waves before sneaking back out of the kitchen.

The End

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