The falling... in love.

The part when Charles first falls for her.

    There was something missing in Charles's life, something that was considered very important by him since he was a poet, something he spoke about in his poems so often and he felt like a fraud since he didn't know anything about that something which was love. He would  listen to his friends talk and imagine what it would be like to surrender everything to a person, to love someone so much as to be ready to sacrifice oneself for them. 

Then one fine day he saw her. He was walking in the garden, searching for inspiration when she suddenly appeared in front of him. She had wide green eyes filled with surprise and fear, her olive skin accentuated her oval face and the long locks of curly black hair hung loose down her back . He wanted to speak, to tell her how beautiful she looked under the morning sun, he wanted to ask her name or tell something funny but he just stood there. He just kept staring at her, speechless until she turned and ran back into the mansion leaving him there with his heart beating rapidly with a smile on his face,  finally in love.

He wrote, 

Falling off the edge,

this is how love feels

only to find myself 

fall into the depths of excitement,

wondering if I have reached my end.

Blown away by the wind,

this is how love feels

moving with a pace through space

trying to catch a breath

craving for more speed.

Time stood still,

this is how love feels

unaware if a second has passed or an hour

oblivious to everything around me

making my pulse go array.

As I look upon  those wide gleaming eyes,

this is how love feels like to me

yearning for a touch, a smile

that would be sufficient for me to give away my soul

to be with her to love her forever more.

The End

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