A Pulsing Head



"Easy there." Mom soothed as the helped me out of the car

Swaying and almost falling I wobbled into the open.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my head. A lot of things started whirring.

Calm Lorenna.

"Loren? Are you ok?" Mom inquired, concerned as we padded through the crowd of the amusement park

"I don't..."

Thats when I fell

"Lorenna!!!" Mom screamed

Just before my head would have cracked the hard boards of the boardwalk, strong arms slipped under my body and scooped me up.

I could hear gasps, mom's sobbing, and the rough scratching of jeans on splintery wood.

A soft hand gently moved a lock of my dirty blond hair away from my face. "Are you ok???" a splendidly deeper male voice worried. But I knew I couldn't answer, even in my own mind.

The End

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