My Nightmares


Do you want to know what my nightmares consist of?

There I am, driving my car along the back country road, completely minding my own business. The radio is stuck on some song I haven't heard before, but that I can already tell I don't like. I'm reaching over to take a sip of my soda when I see it happen.

For a moment, pain sears me as I relive the horrible moments. I am almost blinded by terror as I watch the murder unfold. My soda falls from my hand and crashes to my feet, soaking my shoes and socks. Yet I pay no attention to this as I watch the teenager get dragged from the car and...

For what seems like ages but can only really be minutes, I sit there in my car, hyperventilating. When the deed is done, the other car drives away. 

I open the car door and gag, almost losing my stomach because of what happened before me. I vaguely hear someone scream and shout and sob, but I'm too nervewracked to register what's going on.

I manage to dial 9-1-1 before driving away. 

I will never, ever take that back country road again.

The End

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