A Sea of Worried Faces


The smell that is what I woke up to. My nose wrinkled.Disinfectant? A frown slipped onto my face. 

I didn't want to open my eyes yet. My legs felt fine, my arms, my back all fine. The only the that ached was the bump on the top of my head. 

My eyes. Flickered open. That's when I saw a Sea of worried faces. Mom, Dad, Aunt Justine, Uncle Cody, Grandy. Why are they all- Oh.

As soon as it registered in my mind tears burst from my eyes, "Mom!" 

And there she was, hugging me tightly, ever so tightly. And the thing is, it wasn't really in that motherly way. It was more of thank goodness my now-only daughter is okay.

"What happened?" I whispered. 

" A crash" Mom murmured.

I angrily pushed away from her and lied back. A bitterness flowed onto my face, I crossed my arms over my chest and shouted,

"We all knew something was wrong, but we all pretended that she was okay. And now, before we could tell the real Chrissa that we all love her she sliped away!"

My sea of worried faces bowed their heads, all admitting to the truth I had just released to the gossipy nurses.

Oh well...

The End

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