Closing My Eyes


Aivilo was sitting on her bed, shaking from fear, when I walked into her dorm. Her roommate, Marilynne, had let me in. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who had been kept awake by Aivilo's nightmares.

"Newton," Aivilo whispered, reaching up out of bed to embrace me.

"Let's go for a walk," I said, returning Aivilo's embrace before helping her out of bed. She was still trembling greatly.

Aivilo was wearing the most ridiculous-looking orange sweats and a neon yellow t-shirt, but she didn't seem to care about her appearance as we made our way out of the dorm building. 

Finally out of everyone else's earshots, I turned to Aivilo. "What were the nightmares about this time?"

Aivilo shuddered and crossed her arms tightly across her chest. "I don't want to talk about it."

Trying my best not to be frustrated, I put my hands on Aiv's shouldes. "Listen, Aivilo - if you don't talk about it, then the dreams might get worse. I think it helps to talk about things instead of bottling them up inside. Maybe if you get your feelings out in the open, the dreams'll go away."

Aivilo looked away, the wind whipping her hair around her face.

"I'm not saying you should be able to snap out of this, babe. I'm just saying that keeping things inside won't help anyone."

"I'm getting cold."

"Did you hear a word I said?"

Irritated, Aivilo shook her head. "I heard your words, but I'm not asking for you to fix me, Newton! I'm just asking for someone to be here for me! Who made you my counselor?"

I was completely taken aback by Aivilo's words, but she immediately started crying. "I'm so sorry. The dreams were just so awful. I think I'm going to have panic attacks for the rest of my life, and...and..."

Aivilo continued to cry, and I put my arms around her gently. As people walked around campus, probably wondering what was going on, I closed my eyes.

But everytime I closed my eyes...I saw the murder, too.

The End

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