"I need you here, Newton. I don't know what to do anymore," I whispered softly into the phone.

It was the third night I'd had the nightmare. I couldn't bring myself to tell the police about what had really happened, and something told me they wouldn't believe me anyway. I was afraid of falling asleep.

When would the nightmares stop? What could I do to make them leave?

I wanted them to never come back.

He whispered back, "I'm coming, Aiv. Right now." Something told me he was having the nightmares too, but he wasn't telling me. It wasn't like him to say something like that. Newton was definitely prone to hiding things.

I nodded as if reassuring myself and replied, "Okay." Softly, I hung up the phone. It landed in the holder with a faint click.

I waited in complete silence for him to reach me, only my thoughts for company. I had to admit it, because for now, what had happened was all I could think about. 

I was afraid. Completely, utterly, afraid.

The End

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