The Nightmare


The soft sound of sweet rain pelting on my window caused me to fall asleep. Almost immediately, I fell into the dream. The Nightmare.

Walking. It was harmless... right? I was doing nothing but spending some time with Newton, the boy I had been deeply in love with since the first time I set eyes on him among a forest filled with rich smelling pine. There was nothing unusual about walking down the street on a cold Wednesday night.

We were silent, only staring at our feet as we walked onward. The thick clouds covered the dazzling stars tonight, and there was nothing to gaze at but street signs. The night sky was pitch black, and it seemed as if the world around us was frozen. Silent. Untouched.

But I heard it. We both heard it. The soft humming of a car in the small town that never saw anything. It all came so fast.

The car came quickly -- too quickly -- and Newton and I watched in awe as it spun in circles, eventually crashing into a large street light before whizzing and purring to a stop.

But in between the crash -- only a glimpse. It was unthinkable. 

All I could remember was a knife, a mysterious woman running off into the woods nearby, and a young girl dead. In her own car. She looked about eighteen. 

Newton had disappeared. I watched in awe as police came, ambulances sounded, and the incident was concluded as an extremely fatal car crash.

I could only run.

I woke with a jolt and sat up, sweating and panting. The covers on my bed were tightened around my body and I could barely breathe. I had had this nightmare two nights in a row. Would it continue?

I couldn't seem to grasp the fact that the nightmare was truly reality recurring itself through a dream.

The End

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