We lay there under the stars, a soft breeze flowing, tangling my hair in its dance. The moon was full, and the grass tickled my legs as I lay under the old willow tree with Newton. It should've been the perfect night.

All I could think was, the third time. This was the third time. I couldn't ignore the gut feeling that he was hiding something. Something huge.

I turned back to the stars and tried to enjoy our date. I plastered a fake smile on my face and lay there in Newton's arms, wondering what could possibly have shaken him up so badly. 

"Newton?" I whispered softly.

"Hm?" he responded.

"Do you love me?" 

He looked into my eyes and replied, "Of course I do, Aiv. Why wouldn't I?" I just shook my head. I couldn't shake the feeling that something between us was...broken. It was my first year of college, but Newton was a sophomore. I had met him on a hike up in the mountains, and we had been dating for only two months. But I felt like I loved him. Deeply. More than I'd ever loved anyone in my life. But he was struggling with his dad, and constantly forgot about our dates and homework. I wished he would tell me more.

We lay for at least two hours, talking on and off, but silent for the most part. When we left each other, I thought I saw a glimpse of anxiousness in his eyes.

And I couldn't help but think, Was he anxious to get away? From me?

The End

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