If there was anything I hated more than cramming for tests, it was the feeling of failing them. I certainly hadn't failed my most recent test - not in the way "fail" typically meant - but the B I'd gotten in Anatomy and Physiology would be enough to send my dad into hysterics. He'd rant and rave about what a terrible student I was, how he was shocked that I'd let all my tuition money go to waste. No, he'd been expecting me to get at least A- 's in every class. At least.

My cell phone buzzed, and I looked down at the Caller ID. Aivilo. Oh, great - we'd been planning on going out tonight, hadn't we? At 5:00, if I remembered correctly.

It was 5:23.

I shoved aside thoughts of "failing" my test and flipped open my phone. "Hey," I said. "I'll be right there. I just have to grab my wallet and my keys, and then I'll be out the door."

Aivilo sighed audibly. "Newton, this is the third date you've been late for. What's up?"

Like I'd tell Aivilo about my family problems. "Just the usual."

I could hear sympathy in Aivilo's response: "I'm so sorry, Newton. Is it your dad again?"

"No, but it will be," I replied, shrugging on my jacket and picking my keys up off the dresser in my dorm. My wallet was tucked inside my jacket, and I walked down the few flights of stairs until I reached the front desk, where one of my friends, Clay, was sitting very boredly.

"I'll be back later tonight. I forgot I have a date with my girl," I said, rolling my eyes. "Is it just me, or have I been forgetting everything lately?"

"So that means you won't be going to the game tonight?"

I shrugged. "Guess not."

My phone buzzed again. Aivilo. "What, I'm coming!" I exclaimed before hanging up and jamming my phone back in my pocket. 

Clay laughed. "You know, Newt, if you ever want to break up with Aivilo, I'd be more than happy to pick her up myself."

"Not funny, Clay," I said, chuckling in spite of myself. "It's not that bad. It's just that..." I stopped. What was I doing, pouring out my feelings to Clay like he was some shrink? "I'd better get going before Aiv calls again. Later."

My dad wasn't the only one who was being overbearing lately...

The End

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