Alway's Seats


Every time Chrissa and I would have our friends over, we all would sit in our Alway's seats in my room.

Chrissa would sit in the fluffy chair, I would lean in the corner, Margo would sit cross legged on the floor, and Joline would sprawl on my bed.

Then our mouths would pour with words of worries since our last session.

I alway's felt free after an Alway's Seats meeting, as Joline and Margo zoomed off in cars to other lives, or bounced in taxis to the airport with waiting planes ready to jet to states around.

It never felt good to be left in the dust with Chrissa.

Mostly because our great sisterhood ricocheted from what it once was every since we were teens. 

Chrissa even stopped coming to Alway's Seats...


I rubbed my warm and smooth skin with lotion then slipped into my work clothes. The worn jeans, against my skin, I stood and listened to messages on my phone.

A bland expression creased my face until I got to a crackly message from Chrissa. All I could get out of it was, "Lorenna stay home today will ya? I might need might need some help coming in tonight."

What the heck does that mean?

These worries swam in my mind as I fell into a chair and let tears prick my eyes.

The End

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