The Fallen Petal

A crash that might have been something more. Two witnesses. One sister. And a fallen glass petal.



5:52 AM on May 11, 1987

Hesitantly, I pushed open the front door. After double checking no one heard me, I walked down the stone pathway to my car, the snow crunching under my boots. Quickly, I shoved the snow off the front window and pulled open the car door. I pushed my keys into the ignition and the car started almost instantly. I backed out of the driveway, gripping the cold leather steering wheel with my white, cotton gloves and drove as fast as I could on the slippery ice, all the way to her house.

I stepped out of the car, pushed the door closed, and jogged up the steps to the old house. Out of instinct, I glanced around, making sure no one was watching me. I then held up my arm I knocked on the front door. No one answered. I rang the doorbell, then peeked through the slim, frosty window. The house seemed vacant.

Too eager to wait, I grasped the handle and pushed on the front door. It swung open, revealing nothing but floral wallpaper and empty couches. She had to be in here. Hadn’t she called last night and told me to meet her here? I pondered my options. I could just go back home. Lorenna would be worried about me once she woke up and found I wasn’t there. But I wanted to meet her. There seemed to be an invisible force pulling me towards her.

With this on my mind, I slipped through the front door and started wandering throughout the house. It looked like no one had lived here in years. The only sign of any human life was a half-empty wine bottle on the kitchen counter. After searching for fifteen minutes I concluded there was no sign of her on the first floor.

Though I felt like I was trespassing, I wandered upstairs. It was dark, and though I didn’t find a flashlight, my eyes adjusted. After searching all of the rooms, including the bedrooms, there was still no sign of her. Where could she be?

There was only one floor left to check. But I had already made up my mind not to. It was too creepy. I ran downstairs and rushed out the front door before the house could scare me anymore.

It was then that I heard the scream.

The End

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