Planned OutMature

"How's the watch going... ma'am?" I say, not sure what to call her. Eldest? Miss? Your Majesty? I settled on ma'am. 

She turns to me, looking so angry and upset that I nearly stumble back at her intensity. "I... I have something for you," I say, holding out the last pad of paper in what seems like the whole universe. It has all my notes, my suspect lists, everything to help this case.

She takes it away from my hand gingerly and looks at name after name, page after page of evidence, notes, interviews.

"There are like, ten interviews in here," she says.

"Yes. An they all say the same thing. That it was all Neit's fault, that he set the stable on fire."

"But he couldn't have! My brother would not have done something like that!"

"But wait. Look at this one." I flip a few pages and reach an interview and she looks at it.

She stares at it blankly. "What about it?"

"This is the only interview that says that he's innocent. That says that she was traveling over the hillside to get back to town, and she say him sleeping, and then suddenly the front of the stable burst into flames. Which is what Neit said. And then I asked her what else she saw, or who else, and she said no one."

"Then what about these other interviews saying that he's a filthy liar?"

"They were all from villagers that recently moved into town in the last two weeks. They all have pale skin, sharp noses and dark brown eyes."

"That sounds like the description of the people from..."

"Yeah," I say. "The raiders. They must have all planned it out."

The End

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