Losing Neit, Losing HopeMature

I stared out over the ocean watching the stars twinkle in the reflection like fireflies.

I held a sizeable rock in my fist. With a cry of anger I threw it into the water. It splashed heavily, ripples scattering the fireflies for a moment before they returned to the exact same spot they'd been before.

I turned away from the sea and looked down onto the village below.

We were the last of Bellum Vox, the only fire burning in the darkness. I was alone with others my age that I barely knew. I had lost my parents and now my brother as well. I couldn't breathe without him. I didn't know if he was safe or not with Icewalker's band. I could only pray that he was alright, sleeping soundly by a campfire.

Lights glowed in the windows of the buildings still tended to in the town. A few wanderers milled about, unable to sleep.

Three figures tore chunks from the rotting carcass of the panthera, dragging them away to eat either raw or burnt to a crisp.

This is what we'd become scavenging animals on the brink of destruction, the guidance of adulthood long gone. I pulled my hood up to shield my face from the piercing black of night. I felt like there were eyes everywhere, watching me, but I knew that was impossible.

A shrill whistle attracted my attention. Standing at the base of the watchtower was Margo, gazing up at me with blue eyes that glowed in the moonlight. "How goes the watch, ma'am?"

I hoped she had information on the stable fire. I needed something to take my mind off the absence of my brother.

The End

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