keeping a promise.Mature

our new friend was not very friendly,  he sat alone and hardly spoke to anyone, after a long talk, and alot of beer bribes, rock went over to him and gave him a list of do's and don'ts for living with us more then a week.  but still he gave nothing in return, just slept alone.   

the next morning i awoke to the sound of shouting men and engines ,  i jumped out of bed and ran to the door,  my men were awake and arming themselves,  i stopped a boy and yelled over the noise, "what the hell are you all doing?"  he looked at me with terror and stammered, "sir, a large group of men were spotted  in the woods, we're going to attack them before they attack us." i let him go and ran back inside,  how could they be going without me? 

i pulled on my armour and grabbed my gun and knife.  running back outside i saw rock standing by my door. he called to me,  "the men are already in battle, the bastards came out of the tree's while we were getting ready". i pulled my gun and ran to the wood,  "pathia take right flank, doctoria take middle field.  my wolves to me!"   the commands flew tto every ear and the groups were formed and the fight began.  

the right flank was uphill on the on our side, so my men swept down on the men in the tree's, the middle was flat ground, and the trees gave them cover to fire at our open men.   so now it was up to us,  left flank, to fight uphill, and take out the enemy before we lost everything.

shooting the men before they even knew how we were is easy, getting close to them, and ripping them apart with my knife, that was so much worse...  we cut past everyone, the trees hid no one. guns were hot, bullets flew like bee's in a hive, cutting down anyone that my men came across, we went far, after just a few minutes, my elite soldiers had met up with the main section of our soldiers and the heavy guns were taken down, making the middle ground safe to invade.  as i cut down enemy, i turned to see our new friend in trouble, a giant man wielding an axe was running right at him, i promised i'd keep him safe when we got him away from the city, i intended to keep that promise, i ran as fast as my legs could go, pushing past anything in my way, the axe was coming down fast while the boys back was turned, i pushed him aside and felt the blade hit my armour, smashing it like glass, breaking bone and skin and it bore down, i pulled my gun up to his throat and pulled the trigger, splashing his brains over the ground. the woods filled with screams as the right flank was cut off, watching there friends die around them, and knowing there was no one to save them, as the call to run was sounded by horn,  we opened fire, and tore them down. 

less then an hour later, we had buried our dead, all 57 of them... so many lost, was it worth it?  right now that didn't matter, i had time to think about it while my shoulder was fixed. and we found out something very bad, the men we fought were just that, men. they spoke and looked nothing like us. we'd sort out what the hell a small army was doing in the woods of our lands, later, much later.  when i could be at the mens side to take them down.    new enemys, old friends turning... i dont need this, i need sleep...

The End

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