It Takes TwoMature

"This doesn't look right," I said to Freya. "When did Neit get out of prison?"

She kept her eyes averted forward after she called a city meeting of Elders to discuss the stable matter. "Prison? Oh, yes. He was... let out early."

"He was in there a day," I said, taking a sip of the boiled water. In meetings, there isn't much choice of drinks for large amounts of people. Hot chocolate wasn't an option, tea was much too scarce (and not to mention bitter without much sugar being made) and boiled water was easy to get and it filled you up when it was hot.

"I know, but there was a bit of a... problem."

"And that was?"

"That he didn't light the stable on fire. It was a set up. That's why I'm talking to you. You do better research than the police."

I blushed. When Kendall and Ellis left, I did my research. Let's just put it at that.

"Well, then I'm gonna have to get some paper," I said. "To write down the stuff I find. But you have to help me, alright? Because this involves you, too."

"Yeah, yeah. It involves me and you and Neit and who else knows. But you hae to keep Neit a secret. No one knows I broke him out and Monty is going on a wild goose chase trying to find him."

"Oh, Monty," I said and shook my head. So erratic. We looked out over the people gathered around us, what was left of the town's Elders. Many of them move out of the city to the country, where things are rumored to have more food and cleaner water.

But that's just a rumor. People in the country say that it's better in the city, people in the city say it's better in the country. People out west say it's better out east and people out east say it's better out west. I call it the endless circle of empty promises.

The End

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