Freeing NeitMature

After Icewalker left, I proceeded to tear through the house, smashing random things. I only stopped when my mother's favorite vase was sent hurtling through the air, landed on the floor, and smashed into a million pieces. I paused and stared at the tiny bits of pottery, not believing what I had just done. Kneeling, I made a half hearted attempt to collect up all the shards to glue back together later. After three minutes, I gave up.

Standing, I made sure my knife was secure beneath my new cloak - I'd taken my spare from the closet after mine had turned black from the flames - before heading outside into the dawn's light. The village was alive with people, going about their day, doing chores that adult's should be doing. I could hear the tap tap tap of hammers as they put back together the stables. Young ones greeted me on the streets tipping their hats and offering me small salutes as they passed by. I nodded my head towards each, not really paying attention to who they were. They were of little importance to me at that moment.

The ugly prison building loomed before me, the sign above the door tilted at an odd angle. I could hear the prison guard - a five year old boy - shouting at a thirteen year old prisoner to shut the hell up. Sighing, I climbed up the steps to the door and rapped my knuckles against it. From the other side there was a jangle of keys and the sliding of a huge bolt. Monty's small dirty face appeared, gazing up into mine, "'Ello mum, how may I be of help today?" He would've said 'assistance' instead but he often mispronounced big words. "I'm here to see my brother," I announced flatly. Monty's small amber colored eyes grew wide, "Yes mum," He stepped aside to let me in. The door slammed shut behind me, blocking out the daylight. An aroma comprised of bodily fluids and rotten food met my nostrils. I resisted the urge to press a hand to my mouth and waded through the dust and filth towards the very last cell. Hands reached to me, begging to be released. I ignored them, slapping the boy's groping hands aside. A small girl was weeping in a corner, her dress tattered and filthy. I paused for a moment in front of her cell before forging onwards into the darkness.

I found Neit in the far back between a murderer and a thief. The murderer was teasing him, throughing stones and clods of dirt at him. "Neit,"

His head snapped upwards from its position in his hands. "Sis?"

I looked back up the aisle to Monty who had his back to me. I turned back to the cell, gave a swift hard kick to the door and grinned in satisfaction when it swung open. Monty never locked the doors properly - but the prisoners never realized that. I dove inside and reached up to the window bars. The metal was brittle and crumbled easily beneath my fists. "Sis, what are you doing?"

"You didn't set the stable on fire," I stated, holding Neit up by the waist so we were eye to eye. Without a word, I shoved him through the window. He yelped in protest, but I soon heard him scrabbling down the wall on the otherside. I exited the cell, thanked Monty for his time and left.

Job well done.

Rounding the building, I found Neit sitting on the ground, looking a bit dazed as he blinked away tears of pain from the sunlight.

"Come on you. Icewalker owes me one,"


The End

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