break in.Mature

the cold night air that rushed onto my face soon turned warm and i rode into the night. the fire at the village was in view from miles around, and as night had fallen, i saw the smoke and rode to help,  my men would live without me for a few hours,  the ones i trust anyway.   my bike was the fastest,  the engine could out run any other in the world.  i raced as fast as i could, over hills and back to the flames. 

by the time i got there it was night, i jumped off my bike and ran the last few paces to the cliff edge where i had been before, it seemed like months ago, not days.  i saw one of them being dragged away yelling,  the leader, who i had spoken to before... she was there and clearly upset.  "not today buddy, not today" i told myself, i admit,  i liked her,  but now, i was going to talk to her without being a twat.

i walked into the town after dark, find her house by scent. as the people of the north had shown me. i climbed in a window round the back. and slid into a dark room, i made no sound, and the room had been empty,  but when i turned, a blade was at my neck,  her soft voice said  "what now ice?"

we talked for a while before she lowerd the knife, i could breath again after that. i smiled, and she looked at me, as if wanting to ask why.  we talked about the fire and how her brother had been taken to the jail,  but then i was sure that i could do something to impress her.   "i got in here pretty well, maybe i can help him?" she slapped my face, i should have shaved.  "you dare, and i'll put you in the cell next to him.". the next morning, the cell window bars were broken, the window, open. the cell empty.  and i was already in my bunk, snoring, as the trailer was pulled across the sand dunes of the west plains. to far to be stopped. a win for us all.  she had him free, and we had him as a new soldier,  we all win, just in different ways.

The End

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