I was just about ready to head home. I'd wrapped up the business with Icewalker and sent him on his way. The men that were unruly - and apparently traitors to the other raider's cause - had been dealt with. I couldn't help but admire Icewalker's courage as a leader. Nothing stopped him from doing what had to be done. I on the other hand always seemed to have a long list of excuses....

Neit popped up in front of me out of nowhere, jumping and down, going on and on about something or other.

"What? Slow down, I can't understand your gibbering,"

He stopped, took a deep breath and gasped, "The stable's on fire!"

Well why didn't you say so?!
I pushed him aside and ran towards the flickering flames on the horizon, lighting the village up like a candle. Already the alarms were ringing. I was wrong to trust the raiders and now I had put my people in danger. Icewalker would pay for this. I came up to the stables, shielding my eyes with my arm against the smoke and ash raining down from the sky. Panicked horses were kicking at their stalls, eyes rolling back in their heads. They were burning alive before my very eyes, the fire eating up their manes and tails like straw in the blaze. The only word that escaped my gaping mouth was, "Ola,"

I shoved my way inside the stables, ignoring the fact that my cloak and hood were catching on fire. The red fabric became dark and black from the flames.
I kicked open Ola's stall door and dragged the terrified creature outside, "Come on you," I cried.

My cry turned to a cough, my lungs filling with smoke and ash. There was no way out of this hell. The roof on either side of me had collapsed. I was surrounded by burning timber.

Nevermind the fire - I couldn't breathe!

The End

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