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"Of all things holy," I mutter to myself, "he's going to kill that boy."

I honestly don't know why he came to Freya's aid; she knows her was around a knife and probably also knows twenty different spots on the body where she could stab you once and you'd be dead in less than a minute.

They seem to be talking; Freya and that raider boy. The raider seemed to have taken quite a liking to her. Freya seems to be all business.

I shake my head from behind the tree, done with my spying. Oh, Freya. I don't know her as well as I should but... it doesn't seem like she can take a hint.

I walk down the road, hearing the raider boy lay a couple of punches on the other, and call him a traitor. I'm not into politics. So I think I'll stay out of it.

The trip home seems to take longer than it did when I rushed out here when I heard yelling in the streets. I tuck my knife back into the sheath around my belt. I grabbed it in a fit of panic, just in case I had to defend myself.

I walk inside my house. It seems much larger than it did those years ago, when I had my little sister and brother. And my mom and dad. These raiders have made me examine my life a little further than I should have, mostly because I thought I was going to die. I have found out that I am a bit... weak. Without my family I am not strong, even though I am an Elder. Elders have power. Elders can do almost anything they want.

So why do I feel so small?

I take a gulp to fight the sobs, blink furiously to hold the tears back. I'm only fifteen. No fifteen-year-old should be going through this kind of pain.

Thank goodness I'm not the Eldest of Bellum Vox. I wouldn't make a good leader.

I jump as I hear a sudden noise from outside.

You went up to the hillside and stood in the sun.
The great voice, he said to you, 'It's time, my friend.'
So here you are now, in our hearts.
Now your life has come to an end.

The End

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