so, this is how it is.Mature

after the fight last night, pual and his little friends had been kept in a cell here in the town, I'd stayed with the one they called freya, she was nice, and knew how to handle a blade, my kind of girl.  

the next morning a few of the lost boys turned up, at least they were loyal. we got our boys and led them one by one to a room, pual was first, when i walked into the room, freya was already there, she smiled slightly when i walked in, i tried not to smile back.  pual luaghed as i sat down across from him, "so what's the deal ice? you think i'll tell you something cos you and your little girl here ask? no chance." pual was talking put of busted lips where he'd been up close with my fist last night, and i figured he'd want a rematch, he was tied to a wooden stool, i stood up and walked over to him, he knew what was coming and closed his eyes, i swung my fist out and smiled as i heard the crack of his skull, "who are you working for then?" i spat the words past gritted teeth. he remaned silent afther freya had talked me out of the beating him to death.  i'd left while she talked to the others,  i had to sort this out right now.

as soon as i rode into camp i pulled my sword out and yelled as loud as i could, "everyone get out here right now or it'll be the last mistake you bloody make"  they knew i ment it and all of them came running out, once i was sure enough people could hear, i called out, "pual and some of the others have been arrested and will be put to death, they have left the lost boys and might have been spies for other gangs, if anyone else is not loyal to our cuase then step forward right now and i'll go easy on you"  no one moved, i know what to do. i stepped forward and grabbed one of the men by the the neck, i pulled him over to the fire and held his face over the embers, "who are you working for" i shouted into his ear, he nearly cried out "i dont know" i yanked him away and put my sword to his throat, looking into the eyes of my men i called "i am icewalker, son of the people of the north, warrior and captin of the lost boys, and soon to hold the last sky ships, now show me you will die for me or i promise you will"  they let out there war cries and ran around, arming themselves ready to move out, i jumped back onto my horse and went down into the town, as i got onto the high street i saw the boys standing, ready for the guns. good.

i told freya i'd be back soon, and we would use messangers to keep in contact, and she told me that one of the boys had told her of an invading army in the north west, "the north is just wasteland after the war" she'd said, soon after i left. and as we rode around the town we heard the shots, and a few of the older boys sang out an old tune that i knew only to well.

*you went up the hill side, and stood in the sun* i boy just behind me and said softly, he looked up and as he spoke again i and another joined him *the great voice he said to you, it's time, it's time my friend* now everyone was singing the low mournfull tune * so here you are, in our heart's, now you life has come to an end"  they sang untill sundown, everysong they knew, i sat in silence, remebering pual in my own way.

if anyone's going to invade my homeland, they better be ready, this song will be sung again, and i'd make sure, that everyone who did this to MY people, wouldn't live long enough to sing.

The End

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