you fool.Mature

it was mid morning when my escort rode into the town, I figured five men on horseback would hold off an attack untill the men on the cliff backed us up. when we rode in, a group of men were watching us from both side of the street.

as we split up to go and get supply's, a hooded figure came up to me. i knew the smell better then the person so i turned to face her. "hello again ma'am", she seemed a little suprised i knew her before she'd even spoke, but she was clearly one i had to watch out for. she spoke softly, "follow me raider, or your friends die."   I luaghed at this, "i'm not a raider ma'am, i'm paying for everything today, and if you TRY to harm my men, this town burns. but i might as well come with you while im here"

we'd walked and talked for a while. she was as close to a leader as they had,I liked her alot. once we agreed to keep peace, while we moved past the town. and in return, we'd not try and take on anyone who tried to join, the men were to botherd about the fact we'd not get more men, they just liked having fresh food more then fighting. not by much, but enough.

The End

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