no rest for the wicked.Mature

it was nightfall, and we were all setting down by the fires, meat cooking and ale flowing like rivers. the boys sang and danced, we luaghed,  during the day we worked like dogs,  at night,  we're party animals.


I'd only just sat down with a jug of ale when I heard a voice over the noise  "icewalker!! sir!!"  I turned as horseback scouts rode into the camp. the young man at the head of the group called to me   "ice, we got news for you".  pius  Jumped from his horse and ran to me, we shook hands as always,I don't know what kind of creature he is, niether does he.  I found him in a woods, cold and alone, dying. I took him in as a son. tuaght him how to use a bow, hide a horse, I named him.  and he named me icewalker.

"icewalker, theres... a town. huge,  they have a tower and landing pads. they the other side of the valley"  everyone was looking at us now. I had to think fast, before they got the wrong idea.   "i think I'll check it out. maybe in the morning we can go in for supply's"  

I put on my armour, and my sword.  my horse was ready to go, so I rode out to the cliff tops overlooking the town.  my scouts were right, the house's were big, the tower was huge, if we went in, we'd be like rats in a maze, I'd not want to be fighting agaisn't anyone who knew these streets . but I wasn't a soldier, tonight, I was a spy. I took a run up and jumped off the cliff top, I went down and landed in a tree, I stopped, and checked no one had heard me. when it was safe, I jumped down and sprinted to a path to my left, I came out the other end in what seemed to be a high street. shops everywhere, once I was sure that no one could be near by, I stepped out into the street, my feet splashed, I looked down and saw blood in the lights from the street lamps, I followed the trail with my eyes to a rotting corpse, some kind of animal that came into town.  I shiverd, know that my friends would end up like this poor beast. 

I went on untill I came across a square, large and lit brightly, some people in armour stood around. just then, a hooded figure walked past me, my pale skin hidden in the shadows, thankfully. she walked past the guards, who seemed to hold respect for her.  I decided to follow her, if she was a leader, maybe she'd give me some insight to this town. I stuck to the shadows and made my way around the square and followed her scent down a road, the smell of horse's met my nose, I kept to the walls, as I got nearer, I could hear her talking, I crept closer, and closer. I was right outside the door. oh crap,  I stumbled and kicked a bucket over, she stopped talking, and I could hear her walking to where I was, I ran, I didn't think, I didn't turn, I ran as fast as I could, right into the square and out again in a few seconds, past the blood, no doubt leaving some prints. I scaled a wall and ran across a roof, jumping onto the cliff face, climbing up was easy with the adrenalin.  and my horse knew we had to move fast. he always knew what to do. I smiled at the fact this beast was better then any second in command.

when I got back to the camp, the fire had died down, and most of the men were asleep in the tents, a few had stayed up to see how things had gone,  I told them all I knew.

we had only one thing to do. go down there in the morning, get what we need, and leave, we'll be gentlemen. and just hope this town doesn't attack before we get a chance to say hello.

The End

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