I remember the ships. I remember, alright. The air around me seemed to thicken, and I felt like I was choking. I grabbed hold of Ellis's and Kendall's hands.

"Stay with me," I whisper. "Stay with me."

I notice that Ellis was crying. "Hey," I say softly, crouching down to her eye level. "Shh. It's... It'll be fine."

Kendall wraps his arm around Elli's shoulder. They're twins, just over seven. They're also inseparable, like the best of friends. They watch over each other, and I watch over them.

Elli stops crying after a few minutes and we watch the skyships long after they've disappeared into the dusk. Elli falls asleep as I carry her in one arm, holding Kendall's hand in the other.

They're only supposed to be gone for a few weeks, a month or two at the most. Or at least that's what my mother told me. There's money in the safe. There's non-perishable food in the pantry. There's enough to last until I come back.

But the problem is; they didn't come back.

Has the rest of the universe forgotten us? Have they left us to fend for ourselves?

How could this happen? We've been good people, right? Why did our parents leave? What planet did they go to? Will they win the battle? Will they ever come back? If our armies don't make it, will the peoples of the foreign planet attack us?

I'm so afraid, I don't know what I do or where I'd go if any of this happens.

But it doesn't matter now.

It's been years. And the adults still haven't returned.

Ellis and Kendall disappeared a month or two after the adults left. Where have they gone? Who knows!? Who knows where everything went wrong?

The End

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