Rose: Variety Show

I sat backstage, waiting my turn. I was supposed to go after someone named Charles Elver. I shrugged, making sure everything was together for my act. Finally, the host came up to me.

"Roselyn Renee?" he asked.

I nodded and grabbed my things as he led me to that stage. Taking a deep breath, I used my power to set everything up while grabbing a microphone from an attendant. The crowd cheered, and I felt myself smile.

Lucinda had a huge smile on her face. "Wow, that was amazing! What's your name, Sweetheart?" she asked.

"Roselyn Renee, but I go by Rose." I said.

Lucinda nodded. "What is your power and what are you going to be doing for us today, Rose?"

"Well, my power is telekenisis." I said, "and I will be doing a variety show."

All three judges looked pleased.

Kevin looked at me and nodded. "Whenever you are ready, Rose."

I smiled and set the microphone on the stage. I closed my yes and nodded at the sound booth to start my music. As the first tunes spilled from the speakers, I used my mind to grasp a paint brush. It was quite simple, really. All I had to do was imagine a band grabbing the item I needed, and I could control it.

So I painted while a piano, flute, and violen played along to the music by themselves. And just for extra measure, I ended the show by floating myself up to the ceiling and releasing confetti into the crowd.

I heard the applause as I slowly lowered myself back to the stage. All three judges were standing and clapping for me. I was smiling to hide the fatigue. Doing anything to my self took double the strength, and I was exhausted.

Using the last of my strength, the microphone floated towards me, which made the crowd clap once more.

The room started to spin.

Lucinda beamed at me as she and the other judges sat down.

"Very nice job, Rose." she said. "I vote 100 times yes!"

I nodded my thanks at her, my vision starting to blur.

Kevin was next, also voting yes. As soon as Ronnie said "yes, welcome to the show," I felt my self slide down and collapse on the stage.

The End

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