Tyrone: Colours

I was... amazing.

I felt as though I was flying, while in reality I was jogging over and back across the stage, throwing in the occasional front-flip and twirl. It didn't matter what I did physically. All the crowd wanted to see was me. And my colours.

She was gazing at me from the front row, her brown hair tumbling over her shoulders, her gold highlights glistening. Ronnie Devine. The only girl in the world who made me want to settle down and have babies with. Those would be some beautiful babies. Especially if they had as many colours as I do.

Beyond her and the rest of the judges' panel, it's as though a blitzkrieg of excited yells and cheers has broken out.

All for me.

I spun to a halt centre-stage, willing the floods of colours and patterns to leave my flesh. You would think I was just any old Ordinary person at that moment - if not for my new fans hollering from the audience.

"What's your name?" asked the thin, dark-haired man sitting next to Ronnie.

I sucked in my breath, and a unanimous gasp rose up from the audience as I became invisible.

"Oh, sorry, were you talking to me?" I asked dramatically, releasing my breath and making myself visible again. "Sorry, I didn't mean to disappear like that!"

The audience chuckled and howled, and the judges grinned. I didn't care about any of them. As long as Ronnie was smiling. Which she was...

"My name is Ty," I said to Kevin.

"Well, Ty, it's a yes from me," said Lucinda Lane.

"And me," agreed Kevin.

My eyes trained excitedly towards Ronnie, who was watching me, lips pursed in thought. "Welcome to the show, Ty, it's a yes from me!"

And the crowd exploded like some kind of firework display that you couldn't see, only hear.

I drew a red colour to my cheeks - as red as strawberries - and gazed shyly at Ronnie. "Th-thank you very much, Ronnie," I cooed in an overly-vulnerable voice. The audience "awww'ed" for just a moment, before erupting into delighted chaos again, as I left the stage, waving and allowing waves of colour to consume my body.

Three "yes"'s, I thought.

I was Extraordinary.

The End

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