Lucindia Lane

I arrived at the stadium in a white limousine. It was the best car I'd ever ridden in. Heck, the closest thing to a limo I'd ever ridden in was my uncle's brand new pick up truck.

I shook my head and wondered how I'd gotten pulled into this mess. Just a few weeks ago I was a small town hero, hoping to find true love and settle down on a farm.

Now, look where I was. A judge on reality tv! It was the most amazing feeling in the world. And I intended to make the best of it.

And if nothing else, there was that cute judge Kevin. I might try for him, but I'm not going to make it too obvious, of course. After all, we're on this show to entertain people and find the next greatest super star (literally…)

So I tugged on my skirt, fixed my hair, and stepped out of the darkness of the limo into the light of the sun. I was met by cheers and applause, and nothing made me feel more special or important than that moment. I relished it for a full two minutes before being forced inside by my security. No matter, I'll have plenty of time to see my fans after the show.

There were several steps we had to so before they finally let us sit down at our table. I brushed my hair behind my ear, crossed my legs, and waited for the first contestant.

The End

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