Charles Elver - Late

 Beep. Beep. I took my phone out of my pocket. "Oh no.." I said, looking at the time. "Seven thirty? ALREADY!?" I jumped of my seat and just as I was going to run out of the living room I tripped. I got up.

 "JACK!? I NEED A RIDE!" I shouted upstairs to my brother, Jack Elver. He was eighteen. I was fifteen. So I couldn't drive. Anyway, he didn't hear me. Then I had an idea. I looked in the corner of the room. There was a bookshelf. I looked for any Guiness World Records book. I found one. I skimmed through it until I found the world's loudest voice. I kept the name in my mind until my voice box began to morph. I then shouted to him again. I turned back to my normal voice.

 He then ran down the stairs then out the door. I followed him into the car. I, Charles Elver, was late for the Extraordinary Factor and I knew it.

The End

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