The Execution 2Mature

There was a long uncomfortable pause. The girl had stopped fighting and craned her neck to look around at the other participants who were still picking up stones. She closed her eyes tightly and did not open them again. The executioner, poised to throw, lowered the stone and regarded the girl with pity. The prosecutor continued to look at the girl unsympathetically, but lowered his stone as well. The rest of the crowd watched in confusion.

Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and damned the assembly, cursing them for even considering stoning an innocent such as herself. She then repeated her words in a louder and more frantic manner, causing the uncomfortable air to intensify. The people in the crowd looked at each other in silent agreement, as though they were communicating that although none of them wanted to hold this execution, it needed to be done. One by one the crowd raised their stones and the executioner counted down the seconds from ten.

All at once, every member of the assembly threw their stones at the girl’s head and turned away, unable to behold what they had just done. The girl’s speech was suddenly cut off and replaced with cries of pain and agony which lingered in the air long after she had perished.

The End

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