The Execution 1Mature

The child stood tall and denied the accusation in front of the crowd of solemn spectators. The prosecutor rose to his feet and stated that he had seen her with his own eyes. His wife looked at the girl sadly, but the prosecutor himself remained unsympathetic. The girl shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest. The volume of sound amongst the audience rose to a hum of mumbles and rustling of clothing.

With the girl’s last words spoken, the head executioner seized her by her wrists and led her from the wooden platform to a hole in the ground. He gently pushed the girl and she fell into the hole. All of the spectators who brought their shovels to the execution commenced in burying the girl. She screamed and fought, unwilling to die quietly. She clawed at the spectators’ feet, bit their hands and kicked their shovels away. But time and time again she was pushed back into the pit.

The girl gazed through the crowd and her eyes wandered to a pile of stones a few metres from the hole. Absolutely horrified, she began to dig her nails into anyone’s skin she could get a hold of. Many of the participants scuttled away from the edge of the pit, but the sheer magnitude of people around the small area pushed in and many participants fell victim to the girl’s primal survival instincts. A primeval growl escaped her throat as the head executioner parted the crowd and approached her. He alone was able to bring her under control, bind her wrists and feet and burry her up to her neck. In the meantime, the remainder of the crowd backed away a safe distance and dropped their shovels.

Bound and buried, the girl no longer proved to be an immediate threat. Both the executioner and the baker urged the participants to retrieve stones from the pile and stand a short distance from where the pit had been. Once again, the girl broke out into a frenzied state. Her face twisted with rage and her neck. The crowd involuntarily stepped back, and the baker and the executioner pressed forward. They were the first to obtain stones and stand at the ready.

The End

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