The Evil Aunt

Basically, I worte this when I was 11 for an english homework. Enjoy :]

I looked up at the castle; I was half-way up the stairs. I stared at it, and then at the garden (which stereotypically was a graveyard). I knew that if I was gonna chicken out at anytime it should be now. (I haven’t fully introduced myself my name is Brittany, Brittany Emma Patricia Saunders.) I was at this house to visit my evil great aunt Michelle. My mother told me off for calling her evil. She thinks she’s just an old sick woman with a strict personality.

I personally like the name Michelle, My best friend is called Michelle. But Michelle is not like the Personality  of my great aunt I would have called her Gertrude or Rita or something that would show that she was a big, erm a big… a big…meanie. No not meanie, that’s childish, maybe cruel woman. Oh I don’t know.


I finally decided to enter the castle…

I took one step, then another. I was startled when I heard my favourite singer Kiara De’Leon singing her no.1 single: Hit Lover. I slipped in shock, holding on by the edge of one of the raggedy I screamed at the top of my voice, “HELP, PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEE!”


My voice was electric with fear, my face dripping with sweat and panic stricken tears. Suddenly I felt a slightly ghostly hand grab mine. I thought I was imagining it; I was dragged to the top of the stairs. I couldn’t see because my eyes were stinging with tears of horror all I heard was a voice it whispered, “Don’t go, you must stay at your own risk, IF YOU STAY YOU DIE, if you go you live a happy life,” at this point I wasn’t believing it, but the next thing it said really scared me: “Don’t make the same mistake I did” a HUGE gust of wind blew and the voice trailed away.

I got up and dried my eyes, A young boy about 16 years old helped me up, “are you O.k., I was visiting my little sister when I heard you scream, her name was Lilly, Lilly Barnsley, I’m Paul, Paul Barnsley”. At this moment I was startled by a scream of bats, followed by a scruffy old woman with a broom. She was waving the broom in the air, as the bats flew away she lowered the broom and giggled I looked for Paul but he had disappeared, must have been when the bats came. Strange. Then she saw me, her expression and voice changed, to a gruff, mean one.


“Brittany, the mistress is expecting you dear” My heart was pounding, racing and thumping all at the same time, I wondered tremblingly how she knew, my mother said to surprise her on her birthday. Ginny (the woman) helped me up because my leg crippled. As we entered the room, I looked around astonished at how classy the room was, a red and black flower wallpaper along with flowered sofas and chairs I got thrown onto one of the sofas when a young woman in what looked like a scullery maid outfit ran over to me with a silver platter crammed with tea, coffee and biscuits, placed them on the table.

I waited for a couple of minutes, but managed to scoff a couple of biscuits into my mouth and pocket. I decided to pour myself a cup of tea, I picked up the pot and began pouring then I heard a, “STOP THAT YOU CHEEKY GIRL” I squealed in shock dropping the teal all over me, I apologised for spilling the tea expecting a ‘oh never mind that what about you?’ but I forgot where I was and instead got a ‘well you should be it’ll take ages to clear that up’.


“My aunt Michelle I wish you a very happy birthday” She just murmured and walked away gesturing for me to come with her. I followed obediently, into a room full of spider webs and old chests. She                         said stop, so I did, while she walked over to the largest chest, opened it and pulled out a box…


She then walked towards me with an evil grin on her face, I backed away terrified. When she got to a black and red line she stopped and reached out her hand, the box was now in my possession. I opened it slowly in it was a ring. Very pretty, I couldn’t think of what she was giving it to me for. I was in shock but also in a trance, I put the ring on not being able to control my actions. I tried to resist but it was impossible.


As I put it on I felt bigger more important, I looked in the mirror and saw myself changing…


My curly, brunet hair was changing to a blonde colour, and then my curls uncurled themselves becoming straight, I tried to stop it but I could feel the cold feeling that I’ve felt once before, I…I...can’t remember, losing memories, feeling…sleepy, eyes closing…must stay awake…


As I opened my eyes, I saw my aunt looking over to me from across the room, her hair down looking stringy like straw, her eyes empty…nothing, just nothing. I tried to sit up but I ached everywhere, I thought I was in a hospital but as I looked up I realised I was in a dark, old fashioned room. When my aunt saw me awake, she looked around as her distressed face turned into an evil one, and as she smiled her eyes didn’t, they were so blank, there was nothing, it was scary.

I closed my eyes and sat down, when I opened them; I was on my own I felt a chill I looked at the window.

It was closed.


I got up and brushed the dust of my jeans. Another chill, this time it felt like it was rushing around me. Nothing else in the room moved. I walked off, slowly not to disturb any spirits in the room…?

The End

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