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Ash River

Jade body hit the floor, Matt went over to her fangs showing eyes showing pure hunger and clearly annoyed. My powers were weakening too. I've never used them soo much in one spell. My body ached as I made yet another lung at Matt. He turned smiled and throws me to the ground next to Jade; I kicked him knocking him of balancing, giving Jade time to move away from his reach.

Suddenly his hand was around my neck. "If only I was Robert, then I could have tortured you even more." Matt snarled.

" listed...he has a...batter looking...FACE!" Feeling my weak powers I made the bolder crack into pieces and fly at Matt body. His grip loosened and gave me a chance to hit him in the face. I fell to the ground coughing trying to get my breath back. I look over to where Billie was with Mike-who was now awake. About flaming time!

 "Oi Mike get you ass down here!" I shouted his name pain filled my voice and I was getting really angry. When this guy ever going to stop? Jade comes over to my crumpled form.

"Ash are you ok?" Her voice full of worry and concern.

"I'm fine." I lied to her. "Had worse days, this is nothing really."

Mike was busy attacking Matt with his power, I need to rest regain my power so I let him have his ‘fun', or payback for Billie.

"Hey Billie we should form a club. You know if you have ever nearly been turned? I joked touching my neck still feeling the burning. Then everything fell quite. I got up seeing Matt body lying on the ground; carefully all of us go towards him.

"All of you ARE TOO HUMAN!" Springing back to life laughing I pulled the girls away. Then I could hear the bolder cracking ready to drop on us, but Mike was faster to react then me this time. A little too fast his powers are that strong I get caught up in the cross fire.

I shake it off seeing Matt run towards Mike. This guy just won't quit. He was inches from Mike I ran at Mat we both fell to the ground. We were both rolling around he was snarling and growling. Whiles wrestling on the ground I suddenly remembered the stake in my leather jacket. Matt kicked me again and I go flying into the others. If I can just get this stake into his body or even just grazing his skin.

"Mike us your power on the stake, if we both run at his from different sides. We might just get a lucky shot at distracting him." I whispered quick in Mike ear. Mike turned to look at me and gave me a puzzled look, I followed his gaze. Where Billie gone?

"What the, is Billie?" I could see well feeling something moving around my chest. Has she just. Then I saw what was going on.

Matt started to run at us, but was stopped screaming out in pain. Billie came visible again holding my stake in her hand. Matt blood on the end. Mike blotted a blasted of his power at him. So I did the same feeling nature in me I helped Mike to contain the electricity around Matt. Then things got even more interesting. Jade not wanting to be left changed things completely.

Next thing I know Matt lying on the floor again, Billie still got my stake in her hands me and Mike just look confused at each other.

"Billie you...wouldn't killlll...meee." Matt slurred.

"Matt you're not the same boy that I loved. You hurt my friends. You hurt me more then words." Tears were in her eyes but her voice was strong. "I have no choice Matt." Then I couldn't hear her, she whispered more words to him. Then it was all over. The stake hit his chest and the blood was spilt.

Silence fell all around us. Well until I broke it. "So what we doing tomorrow night ?"


Jason was still in my mind as we drove back home. Home. That sounded nice. I couldn't believe that we pulled it off. Billie, Mike and Jade we done it. The four of us together alive. Mike and Billie were sitting together on the back sit; looking at the mirror I could see holding her emotions in. Jade was in front Mike had used his power to awakening her up again.

The roads were quite and the night was in full bloom. Every time I moved my neck pain would come again. We came to my house at long last. I parked up taking me key out.

"Did we really just do that"? Mike said breaking the silence.

"I think we did." I replied getting out my car, I went round to help Jade out. She didn't look good even with Mike helping her. The others got out too; I made my way round the corner.

Something suddenly caught my eye, something with a reddish colour, and then it was gone. "Am I seeing things now?" I said to myself. I was tired but still what?

"Hey did any of you see that red flash just?" I called to the others, as I made my way to the back of the house. My nature senses were going into over drive as I got closer. A flash of red again. The others followed me Jade and Billie went to the trees, near my parent's grave, me and Mike searched along the house.  

"Aww it's soo cute, think the boys will let us keep it." I head Billie voice as me and Mike went to see the girls.

"What are they on about"? Mike wondered.

"I don't think it's a vampire, so really I don't "-

 Then I finally saw it. There standing on it legs, red and orange wings tucked away and studying me with its dark eyes was a phoenix.

"You have got to be kidding me." I said I couldn't believe it, the way that it looked at us.

"Aww look." Jade and Billie said at the same time. "Can we keep him please?" Billie looking at me.

"A phoenix well that's a new one." Mike gasped.

"Aww Ash what do you think?" Jade pleaded. "We could keep him."

"We've already got a few names for him. Mike what you think?"

"It's a well...a wild animal it's free to come and go where ever it pleases." I told them, the phoenix eyes snapped back to me.

"Aww Ash go on, it can stay here with us." Now Billie looked at me with pleading eyes.

I looked to Mike for back up, but he seemed to be having a hard time turning the girl and the phoenix away. "What do you think Mike?"

"I don't think it can be any threat to us, but it's your place." He replied.

I sighed looking at those dark eyes that seemed to be wanting for my answer. Ugh god! "Ok it can stay."

I went back to the house, walked into the kitchen and finding the last bottle of beer in the fridge. "God I need this after today."



The End

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