Mike: Internal bleedingMature

As soon as I hit the ground pain exploded all around me making it impossible to focus. What could felt like an eternity later , the pain is gone my body in shock but I was internally bleeding big time as each moment my vision slowly faded away. I was only held conscious and thinking because of my powers keeping my neurons functioning, or else I'm sure I would be in a coma.

"Mike.Mike. Can you hear me?"  I hear Billie's voice which sounded like it was far away but I could hear it crystal clear.

"It's all gonna be okay Mike. I'll never get you in danger again after this, I promise. When this is all over I'll stay far away. Even if it kills me to. But I will to keep you safe. And the others." I hear her say as I am lifted out of the pit. What was she on about? I mean at this point the vampire's had all taken a keen interest on us, and I was seen as something be annihilated or assimilated for what the military had done to me. Everything goes quite again as my the world fades even more, then Billie starts talking, something that doesn't make sense,but around us the air began to pick up making it somehow colder and darker, pain flashes across her face as something begins to reverse the effects of my internal bleeding and other such wounds, I begin to see things more clearly, then I can start moving my body again. I turn to see Billie holding the book.

"Stop!" I say knocking it out of her hands, whatever it was stopping, but leaving me better off than I was.

"Are you good?" Billie asks falling backwards, her face pale, bite marks on her neck. That bastard!  I catch her before she hits the ground.

" Billie, I'm not sure what you did right now, and I should thank you for it ,but trust me with a little patients I would have been fine. I just hope that..." I look over at the book," thing hasn't done anything to you."She smiles at me.

"Don't worry about me Mike I'm fine. As long as your good I'm good." She keeps smiling, I smile back, but I had doubts about her being fine.

"Oi Mike get you ass down here!" Ash yells, angrily in pain, oh right that twit, I was going to make him feel the meaning of true pain. I rush over as he dodges a punch from jade while keeping an earth attack at bay with his ability to move stuff with his mind. I blast him with electricity adding to his things to avoid, but what was more comical was the shock on his face when I appear in front of him disappear for a moment to kick him in the head breaking his concentration as the wall of earth crushes him, I jump in the air to avoid the chaos, doing a flip to land quietly on my feet. He try's getting up but I blast him with the highest next to non lethal blast of electricity I had hearing him scream however did not make me so good about myself. The shocking stops, and he lays motionless, we all take cautious steps forwards until a storm of flying stone surround us he beginning to laughs.

"All of you ARE TO HUMAN!" He laughs and yells as the boulders began to come down upon us.  I had an idea but I wasn't sure if I had enough energy to with stain what I was thinking about, but I had to try. Orange electricity gains around me quickly and I punch the ground releasing an explosion of orange but being concentrating it on not hurting the other just that bastard. It ends as soon as it started the boulder just Ash and Matt burnt heavily but quite obviously still living. My knee's fall to ground breathing hard. Matt run towards me, a Knife in hand, and paralysing me once again.

"Why is when I do my best someone still has to out do me?" I ask out loud as Ash comes to my rescue taking Matt down. I get control over my body again, and I join the battle once again.

The End

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