With every sip Matt takes of my blood he takes another at my life. Already I can feel myself becoming dizzy and weak. Matt groans out again, his groans are getting louder and more frequent. I want to pull away but, for some reason, I don't want to.

I know that if I tried it won't do anything because he's so much stronger than me but there's still a part of me willing the rest of me to try. But I don't move. I just close my eyes as my brething picks up and Matt groans more, pulling me closer.

I pulls back a bit, I can feel a wet substance on his hand as he traces my lips. It takes a while for me to remember that it's his blood. Whatever I do I mustn't drink it!

"Open...your mouth." Matt orders me, his voice husky and close to my neck. Even though I know I shouldn't, I have a wanting to.

My eyes start to open again and, even though my vision is faded, I can still see Matts face inches away from mine.

For a while we aren't in the chamber anymore, we are back in the park in America. Just laying down looking into eachothers eyes, Matt saying mine are like the stars, beautifully bright yet deadly hypnotising.

Then he leans down to kiss me, our first kiss as a couple, but someone came and broke it up. The vision starts to fade and Matt isn't the morat I used to know but the cold blooded killer in front of me now.

We aren't in the park, we're in the chamber and Matt is trying to force me to open my mouth.

"Oi! Leave her alone bloodsucker!" Ashs voice travels to my ears, my eyes widen in panick. What's he doing here? I told him to stay with Jade! And I told Jade to not let them go! This has nothing to do with them, like it has nothing to do with Mike. They should run while they still have a chance.

"Oh look, another one of the rescue team. I'm sorry but I'm kind of in the middle of something here so if you wouldn't mind waiting over there, after I'm finished here you can join the other mortal guy down in the pit." Matt snarls then turns back to me.

My eyes are on Ash. Man, that dude is stupid! Why won't anyone listen to me?! I'm not worth saving! I'm not worth risking their lives over! I've bourght this on myself, they shouldn't get involved!

I open my mouth to tell Ash to run but Matt grabs in firmly in his tight grasp.

A evil smiles on his face as he holds his bloody hand over my mouth and tips my head back. "Drink up baby. I know you want to. Feel how delious it tastes. Think about how iut feels. Think about after this you'll be with me forever." Matt whispers leaning closer to my neck again.

I shouldn't admit it but his warm blood rolling down my dry toung towards my partched throat seems to be the craving I need to have enough energy to do something. Anything. Everything.

"No!" Suddenly Matt flies off me and onto the dusty floor below. I spit out Matts blood, free from him.

Matt is suddenly on his feet, a livid look in his eyes. "You really shouldn't of doen that Ash Rivers!" He snarls and suddenly they both jump at eachother.

I get to my feet and fall back down again, Matt's taken too much blood for me to be able to move like I used to straight away. I'm not in much control over my body. I shake my head slowly and close my eyes shut, when I open them again, I can see that I've turned a bloder invisable.

Oh no this is not good! This happend before, but I didn't think anything of it until...until what I did to Matts face. My powers is getting out of control, that's not good for anyone, no matter who they are.

Ash suddenly falls backwards onto the bolder hitting it hard. He winces but has not time to do anything else, Matt is ontop of him, both are now wresterling on an invisable bolder.

I get to my feet again and move towards the pit where I can see a figure looking down into it. The figure looks familiar....

As I fall to my knees over the side of the hole in the ground I realise who it is. Jade.

"I thought...I to stay...with Ash....away." I say through deep breaths, all around me things are spinning, not helping at all. Jade looks at me sheepishly then her face changes between shock at the staight I'm in and determination.

"We'll have to get Mike out from there."She says looking down at him. I look down too and shake my head as Jade goes to climb down into the hole.

"Don't...some rocks...invisable it's too...dangerous...." I say, my yellow eyes pleading her.

"I can't...not sure if I can...touch things without....them changing...I should never of....made that book...invisable." I say and curse.

"Book? What book?" Jade asks and I point to the book at the other end of the hole.

"Found it...vampires be...important..." I say then shrug slightly. I hear Ash cry out in pain and me and Jade both give eachother worrid looks.

"You go down there Billie!"

"I can't..."

"Yes you can! Go down there and get Mike!"

I shake my head, my eyes firmly on Mike. Idon't want to hurt him. I don't want to ruin his life like I have done with Matt.

"Go!" Jades voice is hard and strong and I take a few breaths before doing what she said. I jump down, my feet soon landing on the inisable rock. I hear Jade gasp, it probably does look strange me 'walking on air'.

I jump down a few more until I'm right by Mike.

"Mike. Mike. Can you hear me? Oh please god don't let him be dead!" Then I remember that Matt paralysed him. After a big debate in my head I decide to try and get him out. Ilift him up, looking into his eyes.

"It's all gonna be okay Mike. I'll never get you in danger again after this, I promise." I tell him as I climp the rocks. "When this is all over I'll stay far away. Even if it kills me to. But I will to keep you safe. And the others." I tell him as I pass him up ti Jade. She pulls him up and I climp out.

"Wyhat do we do now?" Jade asks her eyes flicking over to where Ash and Matt are fighting, then to Mike then to me.

"I'll get the book and you'll stay with Mike....then I'll go help out....Ash." I say, becoming light-headed again. Matt screams out in pain quickly followed by Ash.

I run as fast ads I can, weaving unitentionally as I run. I snatch up the book holding it with my sleeves and head back to Mike and Jade. I dump the book on the floor and turn to Ash and Matt. I turn more rocks invisable making them both trip over them. Damn! Why can't I control my power?!

"No. Stay here with Mike. You're in no condition to fight." Jade says sternly. I open my mouth to argue, my vision getting darker, but she cuts me off. " I'll go help Ash. Stay with Mike. He needs you now." And with that she runs off to join Ash.

My knees buckle, I haven't got the energy to stand anymore.

I move the book closer with my sleeve and try to open it. Nothing happens. I groan as I hear Jade scream in pain and the Ash. Matts laugh fills the chamber but is soon cut off by Jade tripping him up.

My bloody finger touches the book and I flinch away. The book has a blue-ish glow to it like the things invisable. I know it isn't invisable, I can feel it.

The glow starts to fade and pick it up with two hands and my sleeves. Nothing happens. No glow. I frown down at it and more cries of pain reaches my ears. I have to hurry, I have to find a way to make Mike be able yo move agin then I'll worry about getting everyone out. I'll be the distraction while they flee.

Why won't it glow like before?!

I pull up my sleeves and notice my dried blood on them and my hands. That's it! Blood!

I look around and find a sharp stone. I pick it up and quickly slice my hand open, Oh god this better work!

I put my hands on the book making it glow a powerful blue. I open it and think about Mike able to move. There's some kind of spell on the first page I look at. This is it! Perfect!

I start to read it out aloud, the air picking up making the chamber colder and much darker. A white hot pain rushes through my head but I carry on. I must make Mike better!

The End

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