Stubborn and StupidMature

Jade Sapphire

I drummed my fingers impatiently against the seat of Ash's car as I waited for them to come back, safe and sound. As the more time ticked by, I got more paranoid. Goddamn, I hated being locked up in this stupid car. And I hate following orders. I tried opening the doors which I knew very well had been locked by Ash.

I almost kicked the side of the door in anger without thinking better of myself and wondering what Ash would say when he'd come back and find his door stomped on. But of course, that's the least of all our troubles at the moment.

"Frick, just open you stupid door!" I muttered furiously as I slammed my shoulder against it, and surprisingly I heard a small click and I fell out as the door opened. To think that actually power made no sense. First it helps me in fights and now it opens a car door? Whatever, I had to get going. There are about a gazillion vampires in there and only three of the hell would they able to get through? Well it wouldn't hurt to add one more to the group would it?


I found myself back in my nightmare setting as I creeped through the vampire den. Where would Ash, Mike and Billie be? I had to find them. That's when I heard the voices, of Billie and Ash. And someone else too who sounded like one of them. I started walking more fast towards the source of the sounds.

One thing was for sure, Ash was going to be furious with me. And I'm going to be in a lot of trouble with Ash and Billie who I'm quite sure will agree with him when it comes to my "safety". stubborn-ness and stupidity was not going to get me anywhere except into more trouble. And that's the thing I'd want least right now.

The End

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