Well here I go again...Mature

Ash River

I was running except this time Jade was safely in my arms. I could see a door up ahead, it was clear but I could still hear the screams behind me. Jade was barely conscious in my arms, I could hear her trying to mutter something but I was too busy running towards the door. Eventually we made it without anyone stopping us. Looking round making sure things were clear before opening the door.

Night fell on us as we stuck to the shadows. I still had my stake in my hand ready to attack if anyone that comes. But nobody did. There was nobody by the entrance either. Ok so what's going on? My car was still were I parked it earlier. Holding Jade even more tightly I ran the last part of the way.

I found my car keys opening the door, carefully putting Jade along the back sit. She looked so fragile, her hair dark hair fanned out, her skin cut in some places. I fell to my knees brushing her hair; it was soo soft like slik. I hesitantly traced her cheek bone.

"God Jade I'm sorry." I whispered. Suddenly her hand touched mine and her eyes fluttered open reviling greenly blue eyes. "Jade I I'm"-

She stopped me from talking by putting her fingers to my lips. "Shh, you got to stop blaming yourself all the time."

She read me like a book I smiled. "I'll ague with you later about that. But right now, I've got to go back for the others."

"No Ash Jade gave me strict orders; I'm not aloud to let you go back there." Jade told me. "Unless."

"Unless what?"

"I go with you."


"But Ash-

"No Jade.


"No." I know that my voice sounded harsh and commanding but I didn't want her going back in there. She looked at me with pleading eyes wishing me to take her so she could help. "No Jade and that's my final word on the matter."

She started to protest again, when I closed the door on her. Locking it. Turning away. I knew that she be safe there, the shadows covered her. And if anything was to get her, I left her in a mood and not a good one. If anything wanted to get her well...if think she be able to handle it in her bad mood. I hoped that she would sleep and that when she woke up, everything would be ok again. Something clicked in my head then, realising something for the first time.

 Mike and Billie back safely and all in one piece. Everyone back together. In one place. Waiting for the next threat to attack. Because for some strange reason, this only felt like the beginning for us. Whatever it was we could take it. Mike was right; ‘it's hard to be a hero alone'. Not if we all stood together it won't.      

The entered through the door again, waiting to attack anything that was lurking in the shadows. Man I soo need a bottle of beer after all of this.


The End

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