Crazy Vampire I Spit On You *spit*Mature


"MIKE!" I scream as he fall through the gap in the floor. I rush to it, looking down to see if somehow I could save him. All I see is his crushed body on the floor, far below me.

Tears start to fall from my eyes.

No. Not Mike. Why? Why can't I ever be happy with someone? Why do I always bloody fuck it up?!

Matt starts to laugh. "See Billie. Why would you want to be with a mere mortal who is too thick to save his own skin?" I ignore him, my eyes still on Mike as more tears fall.

Matt grabs my arm hand and pulls me away. I struggle to get free, I'm lashing out, kicking, screaming, scratching, biting, any and everything but nothing is working. Matts grib only tightens.

He pushes me to the floor roughly and smiles over me.

"Oh Billie. Look at you baby. You're weak. Let me make it all better, it's only a case of us swapping blood. C'mon babe." He says, his voice just like it used to be, soft, gentle but I'm not going to fall for any of his crap!

He has done something worse to Mike than killing him! A life full of pain, never able to die!

I hate him! I hate him! I fucking HATE HIM!

I grind my teeth as Matt strokes my cheek then starts to circle me.

"Hmm, you are going to taste so good. Oh baby, this will be the best part of your world. Well, it'll be the start of the worst." He snarls and grabs my chin hard, forcsing me to look into his damaged face.

"What's wrong baby? Don't find me attractive with a missing face? Or are you missing lover boy down there? Don't worry, once I turn you and get bored of him down there, I'll let you go down there. You'll be starved, having not eaten in such a long time. His blood will call to you. You won't be able to resist. You'll drink him until his dry!" He snarls then lets go of my chin as a roar of pain comes from my throat, like my heart being ripped out from inside.

Matt walks over to the hole and smiles down.

I ball my fists as anger takes over. I can see Matt frown, a puzzled look on his face. He turns back to me and looks even more puzzled and pissed off.

"Billie!" He roars, a crazed look in his eyes. "Come out Billie! Don't paly games with me! COME OUT AND SHOW YOUR SELF!!" He yells, starting to circle the place. I look down at my hands and smile. I'm invisable!

I quickly get to my feet and think about what to do.

Opion one, I could run and never look back.

Opion two, I could turn visable again and hand myself over to Matt

Opion three, I could find some way to knock Matt out and save Mike.

I'm liking the first opion but I will not leave Mike, not here anyway.

I run over to the hole and see why Matt was first consed. Down in the hole there was parts of the ground looking like demons eating Mike but now there's just Mike. The ground gone.

Well, gone to the eyes of others but I can still see them, a blue outline. I swallow deeple, I must of turned them invisable. No not good! That means my power is gettingout of control!

Oh, what can I do? I have to save Mike!

I look around quickly, looking for something, anything!

The book catches my eye. If I can find some way to open it I'm sure I'll find a way to help Mike, even if it means trading my life for his I'll do it!

I run over to it and try to open it. It won't open! It's got a lock of some kind! Oh shit! What am I going to do?! I have to save Mike!

Suddenly cold hands pull me by the shoulders and throw me across the chamber into a wall. I cry out from the pain. Matt is standing in front of me snarling down. I spit at him. Crazy sod!

"Now now, no need for that. Well well well Billie. It's good to see you again. I thought I wouldn't have to make the change without knowing what parts of you would be what." He says darkly and grabs me by the neck taking me over to a bolder that's like a chair. I look down, knowing that the shock of him throwing me would mean I'm visable again.

He drops me on it hard and pushes me back with so much force some of the bolder breaks off. I close my eyes tightly.

He pushes the hair away from my throat and strokes it, making me shiver out of disgust.

"Now now Billie. Open your eyes." Suddenly my eyes open without me wanting them to. "Good girl. Now I'm going to start the process. You're not going to squirm and you will drink my blood as I drink yours." Unwillingly I nod.

Matt smiles and sits on my legs. He leans closer to my mouth and sniffs deeply. "So delious. You know there's a part of my that thinks we can be together like I used to want. Like the mortal way of wanting. We shall see." He mutters then cuts his hand with his teeth, blood starts to pour from it.

He leans closer to me. "Say goodbye to your mprtal life Billie." He bits down hard making me gasp. I can feel my life getting taken away with every gulp Matt takes of my blood.

I can hear him groaning in pleasure. He takes his lips away from my neck and smiles at me. "This time you will drink my blood while I drink yours. Hmm, you are mouthwatering just like the others said." Before I have a chance to respond he starts to drink my blood again.

I know that soon he'll remember to get me to drink his blood and he'll use his powers to make me drink. Tears start to fall from my eyes, I don't want to be a vampire. I want to stay as I am!

I want a normal life with my only worry would be if my bum looks big in something not what will happen if I suddenly turn invisable in front of everyone?!

Please let someone come. C'mon Ash, Jade. Anyone. I don't care about me, I just want them to get Mike out of that hole and safe. I want them all to be safe.

The End

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