I stand up this guy sounded like an utter prick , and didn't like the way he was speaking to Billie one bit.

"Over...my....dead...body." I say, the guy with missing features just grins.

"Gladly." He passes Billie.

"Mike, run!Don't try to save me. I..I don't want you to die."

"Even if he could kill me he couldn't." I say confidentially.

"Oh, what makes ya so sure?" Matt says.

"You damage my brain, I can repair the neurons. You stop my heart I electrocute it, you pierce my lungs I can fix the oxygen to my blood with electricity. So go on try to kill me." I said knowing I wasn't completely sure if I could actually do all of this but from the other mike's memory thats what got him into the condition his body was in when they they moved his mind into mine.

"I see so if I just threw you into a deep dark pit you would essentially be crippled forever and you will have to live with the pain till you starve do death." He grinned.

"Matt if you do!" He slaps her, and before he knew it my fist went into his chin as my other hit his chest.  He slams onto the ground  quickly spring back onto his feet, a rock flying off the floor towards my head. I bast into nothingness. I bring my hand across his neck and slam him into the wall. He grins as my arm goes numb, as he drops to the ground kicking me on the side as the floor opened up beside, me.

"Oh so close. Oh well he won't be able to move now so all I have to do is push him in." He says more for Billie's sake. 

"NO! Matt don't do it!" Billie screams as he plants his foot on my arm, I can get around this! I try to make my power become the signals for my body. He laughs as I go over the edge.


The End

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