"You want a hand Ash?" I ask offering him my hand, he just stares at it in amazement.

"Don't you guy's ever listen to me?" He sighs as he looks at me and Mike.

I roll my eyes and pull him to his feet.

"Ash, it's hard to be the hero alone, I've got the bruises to prove it." I quickly look at Mike as he says this, he's got a small smile on his face. "C'mon, lets get Jade out of here. The other vampires would of heard us and will be here soon."

I smile brightly at Mike then to Ash.

I rush over to where Jade is on the dusty ground. I put a hand to her head and pull it straight back. She's deadly cold. I put my hand on her forehead again and pull back for a different reason this time. Her head's boiling!

"Guys, we need to get out of here. Now!" I say getting my feet.

"Billie?" Jade croaks, her voice quiet. I don't like!  I don't like it at all!

"I'm here Jade. Don't worry we'll get ya out of this place. Ash, you carry Jade. Ma...Mike you look out for any bloodsucker that comes near. I'll cover behind all ya." I say as Ash picks up Jade.

He goes and stands behind  Mat...Mike. Mike looks at me, worry is on his face as I stand behind Ash and Jade.

"Don't worry about me Ma...Mike. Your job is to make sure no one attacks from the front and mines for no one to attack from behind now move!" I call out, not liking staying here too long in Jades condition.

We start to move, Mike at the front and me at the end, looking out for any danger.

We move swiftly into the next chamber.

"Oh Shit." I hear Mike mutter from the front.

He's right. We are now in deep shit. There's vampires everywhere! They turn towards us, a hungry look in their eyes. I swallow deeply as it all happens in slow motion.

The vampires run at us and Ma...Mike shoots as many as he can down with electricity while Ash moves Jade into a firemans carry on his shoulder and starts to use the earth to his advantage.

I look at the book, still in Mikes hands. I swallow deeply and close my eyes, becoming invisable.

I run towards Mike, ready to find the right time to kick leech arse!

One leech is running towards Mike from behind. He has no idea that I'm here and I'll stop him for even thinking about hurting Mike!

I jump and kick him hard in the face. He falls back, blood rushing from his broken nose, looking bewildered. I laugh and run up to him, snapping his neck and stabbing him with a stake that Ash is producing.

Ash looks confused. "Ash, no time to be confused!" I yell and run towards some more vampires, stake in hand.

"One of them's invisable!" One of the leechs says, they start to back up, ready to fight as one. It takes all my effort not to laugh from in the middle of their circle.

I start to stab them in the backs, making them cry out in pain.

One of them turns around and lashes out at thin air. I giggle behind him, quickly moving behind him when he moves and doing the same again.

Suddenly the vampire gets hit with a bolt of electricity and turns to ashes. I frown and look up at Mike, I smile greatfully then rush on.

I know he couldn't see my smile but oh well.

The vampires numbers are decreasing, enough to for us to run away.

I leg it back to the others and reappear.

"We need to go. Now!" I yell and kill a few leechs. I know there are more vampires down here and don't want to be here when they all come.

We start to run again, dodging vampire blows. My head starts to ring then a sick feeling comes over me. I've suddenly stopped, my legs won't obey me! What the hell?!

The others turn back. "Billie! C'mon Billie!" Ma...Mike yells. I try to turn and run to them back I can't.

"I can't! Go without me!" I yell at them as the sick feeling gets stronger.

"I'm not leaving you!" Mike yells as he kills a few more vampires with Ashs help.

"Go! Get Jade out of here!" I scream at them.

"I'll be right back." I can hear Ash mutter. I would of hit him if I could move. He should stay with Jade. "Jade don't let him come back here!" I scream as they run out of this cave. Oh god, I hope they don't run into any more vamps.

I look around me without moving. The vampires are all gone. Why? They wouldn't flee unless they were ordered to by a higher power or they were sure they couldn't win.

Mike runs towards me. His face full of confusion and worry. "What is it Billie?"

"I dunno. I can't move." I say sadly.

Mike hugs me and I'm longing to hug him back but I can't. If I could, I would be crying my eyes out, but they only thing I seem to control is my mouth.

"Isn't that nice. Another guy you've chosen to ruin his life. Tut tut tut. Shame you're still my girl. You remember that I was always the jealous type." A cold feeling rushes down my spine at the voice.

Mike stops hugging me and turns to the voice, anger shown clearly on his face. The anger quickly turns to pain. He screams out and suddenly gets thrown into the air and onto the floor hard.

I try to run to him but I'm still under the power. "Mike!" I yell. Please let him be okay. Oh god, please!

The guy whom the voice belongs to comes closer, his skin ghosty white with parts of his face missing. He strokes my cheek with a evil smile on his face.

"Now Billie. Aren't you happy to see me?"

"I would willingly kill you if I could move for what you've just done!" I hiss at him.

"Unfortunatly baby, you can't. A joy of being a vampire. You see, I've got powers now. Much more than you baby. I can block the brains signals to the rest of the body, making anyone frozen still, just like you are now. I can also move things with my mind. Like this."

I fall to my knees unwillingly.

He laughs and I can feel control coming back to me but I'm not sure if I can move. He's here. Right in front of me. But it's not him anymore. Those leechs have changed him into one of them!

He kneels in front of me, my yellow eyes glaring into him. He comes closer so I can see his face more clearly. The parts missing from his beautiful features is like a blow to my stomache.

"What's wrong baby? Don't like seeing what you've done to me? Don't worry, you'll make my face like it once was after you've done the what you did to my face to him." He hisses bitterly, pointing at Mike.

"Go to hell Matt!" I yell into his zombie-like face.

Matt Brookser smiles. "I'm not going anywhere babe." He snarls.

I shakily get to my feet. I'm torn in two. Half wanting to kill Matt for hurting Mike and half wanting me to hug him for being here and never let go.

I can see Mike stirring, the book by his feet. If I can open it, there might be a way to get him out of here. To get him away from me. To keep him safe.

Matt laughs as I look at him. He grabs my chin hard, making me look at him.

"Oh baby, when all this is over, I'm going to turn you. I'll torture you for enternity for what you did to me. And you'll always be mine to do what I please." He leans closer as if to kiss me. I want to scream out but I'm frozen with fear.

" dead....body." Mikes voice says shakily, bringing tears to my eyes.

Oh no Mike. Don't fight for me! Run! Run! Don't look back! Don't start this fight I don't want you to get hurt I can't stand to lose you too!


The End

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