We meet again.Mature

Ash River

I knew I was getting close the screams were getting louder. It was Jade every time she screamed my place quickened. Then I could hear the sound of someone running too. Just my luck to run into the vampires now. There was a light up a head, it was getting closer then it was gone. The screaming stopped. I wasn't sure if I liked that or not.

Never the less I carried on running, I didn't really know why I so determined. Was it the fact that I wanted to get my own back on the blood suckers for what they nearly done to me. Or because my feelings for these people was growing, one partially? I shock the feeling off trying to see in the dim light.

The footsteps were getting louder, there were two of them, and I couldn't work that out. But the light was too dim to make anything out, sweat was just dripping down my face now, but I still carried on. Running, running, crash!    

I was landing on a crumpled on the floor; someone else was lying on top of me. It took me a few painful moments to think about what just happened, then I heard the irritating familiar voice.

"Ash, will you get the fuck off me!" Mike shouted trying to push my legs of his chest. I moved my legs then feeling hands all over my chest. I looked down to see Billie trying to get up.

"Hey Billie if you wanted to go on top, you only had to ask." She met my smiling face.

"Ash that is not funny." She said but I could see the smile over her lips.

"Whatever you say beautiful." I got to my feet and helped her up.

We all stood there catching our breath looking at one another. Billie turned to me and hit me on the arm.

"O' ouch. What was that for?" I dramatically said rolling my eyes.

"That's for not calling us sooner, what the hell happened to you? What happened to your face?" She questioned me.

"Two names. Robert. Jason." I told them then remembering something. "What's this book you've got then?"

Billie opened her mouth to speck, but was cut off by the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor. I looked to my left noticing a staircase. "Quick." I pointed to the stairs they nodded and we went up the stairs. They opened up to a balcony, that over looked the main hall. We crept along the balcony, we stopped hiding behind wooden boxes and looking to see what was going on.

Jade was lying on the floor curled up in a tight ball. Then all of the vampires were circled around her. Some of them backed away smiling at whatever they had done. One of the vampires who must have been the leader stepped forward, I couldn't work out what he was saying.

"So what do we do now master mind"? Mike whispered from my left side, Billie was on my right watching what happening.

"You pair take my car keys, get out of here and keep driving." I pasted Mike my keys standing up. "I'm going after Jade." I climbed on the rail and made a leap for the curtain that was near. I grabbed it swing down then I landed on the floor.

One of the vampires went to Jade; hands shaped more like crawls as he made a leap at her. Only I was faster. I ran at him knocking him down to the floor, twisting his neck until the boned snapped.

"Jade!" I shouted trying to get her attention, another vampire came at me. I ducked and kicked him into another vampire. "Jade it's me Ash!" Then finally she looked up.

"Ash." She crocked out her face a mixture of emotions.

"Ash saving the girl, that's a first." I turned round seeing Robert blood red eyes staring at me. I glared at him putting myself in between him and Jade. "Don't worry Ash we're nearly done, she was about to tell us the truth of how she killed Eric."

"Yer well your be waiting a long time before she tells you." I snapped.

"Really, well now that you've joined us. You can help her to decide." Then just like before burning pain exploded around my body, my hand went to my bite mark and I fell to the floor crying out in pain.

"Stop it please, stop it!" Jade screamed. "Ash, stop hurting him, no please. Stop!"       

"Hey leech she said stop, so that means now!" A male voice shouted rather close, but I was in too much pain to work it all out. "Besides if anyone going hurt him it's me!" Was that Mike? I heard a bang and someone falling to the floor. Then the pain stopped. I looked up to see Billie suddenly appear out of thin air. How did she do that?

"You want a hand Ash?" She asked offering me her hand. I just stared in amazement.

"Don't you guy's ever listen to me?" I sighed looking at Billie and Mike.     

The End

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