My eyes flutter open slowly. Someone's holding, but who? Why?

I look up and see Mike, he hasn't noticed that I'm awake yet, he seems lost in thought. I push him away from me weakly.

"Billie, you're awake! How are you? Are you hurt?" Mike asks as I get to my feet.

"I'm..fine." I mumble. "If ya going to try and kill me again I swear I'll hit you harder with that book." I stare at him on edge.

Confusion sweeps over his face. "W..? Oh that wasn't me. Well, it was but it wasn't!" Okay now I'm the one confused, what the hell is he on about? "I'll explain later." He says.

I look at him for a long time, he looks like my Mike again and he's face is all still there so I'm not dreaming. I shudder as I remember my dream. "Lets get out of here. You should grab the book." I say and head for the door.

I stick my head out of the doorway, seeing if the coast is clear. "What way Ma...Mike?" I ask, keeping my voice low.

"I thought you knew your way around here...anyway, I'm sorry about me, even though it wasn't really me, trying to kill you."

I shrug and walk out of the room slowly, trying not to make much sound.

"That's okay. Most people try to kil me for one reason or another." I say with a smile. Mike smiles back and opens his mouth to say something.

A scream echos around us, I look at Mike with worried eyes. I know that scream.

"Jade." We both say and once then run off in the direction of where her scream came from.

Oh god, I hope we ain't too late! Who knows what terrifying things those bloodsuckers could be doing to her?!

The End

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