Mike: A fight in my head for my head.Mature


From the perspective of good Mike

"You lied to me." I say not sure what this thing or if he was telling the truth, the original me , but I knew from the instant he started using my body he was lying, and he better not have hurt any of my friends!

"So what? With your pathetic use of the powers given to you. You don't deserve to use this body!"

"It's still mine, and you don't belong in it!" I growl at this arrogant self centred bastard.

"Well your going to have to fight for it as you made it perfectly clear this body only has room for one of us!" The other Mike says charging at me with that orange electricity begining to surround him, all I could do was dodge to the left, how did I do that? The orange electricity, last time? Oh last time that dude drained all of my energy, and I'm pretty sure in my own mind I can't do that. I duck under a blast of electricity, and kept running.

"Come on stop running! Coward!Face me, and die honourably!" Several blasts  just miss me and I barely deflect the bolts  with my own power.

"Better." He leaps towards me his fist inches away from my face, quickly he kicks me on the side sending me rolling on the the ground.

"Your finished now!" He laughs crazily an orange light emitting from his hand. Pain enveloped me as the burst hit me, and I could feel my body was being washed away my existence in my own head fading away, the light blinding me out, but I could head hear the other Mike laughing. No this isn't right Its my own head, I shouldn't be able to die this quickly in it. The light stops and my sort of inner representation of my body burnt and torn but slowly my limbs started to reappear.

"You have a lot of will power. I will give you that, but I'm going to wear it down until you fade out!" He cackles more orange light, I fire a bolt of blue rate back at him he slides backwards with a burn on his side, it did not healing.

"Fighting back are you? Still you can't kill me with that!"

"Shut up, sure I can!" I get to my legs ,and push forwards into a storm of orange that engulfs me, I can feel the pain but a bit of understanding about this stronger power. It was something you can only gain through two ways I think, training for it or in deep desperation to only to begin to unlock it. The storm fades I stand before the other me. He goes to punch but I catch it,and get him in the chest and kick him to the ground before he can react. I press my foot against his chest, I begin to kneel down to put my hand around his neck to choke him out. His memories seep into me I can mostly feel hatred but I can understand it the military was horrible to him so he only could become a monster. He smiles.

"You can never fade me out now. I will eat you from the inside out, with my memories."

"I bet you'll try to, ya sorry bastard." I laugh I pitied him more than anything, and killing him didn't feel right, but  he can't exist in my head though. I crush his neck and he begins to weakly laugh, and resist by shocking me with the orange electricity but by me contacting him I just absorbed it. His representation in my mind begins to disintegrate along with the walls in my mind, I think I was waking up. My eyes open to a strange room, I was on a bed, Billie's head rested on the side of the bed. Her face showed she wasn't having a good dream. I get up my body feeling really stiff for some reason and sit next to her lightly holding her in a comforting way, waiting for her to wake up. I didn't care how I got here but I was glad Billie was unhurt.

The End

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