Torture, Bloody TortureMature

Jade Sapphire

I should not have slapped him. I'd made a big mistake. As the leader turned his face back, his brown eyes now appeared red. I did not have a good feeling as I looked into them.

"Very well've decided for yourself. It seems like we're going to have to get the truth out of you another way."

I backed up, this is not good at all. The other vampires came closer, caging me into their small circle. The vampire who'd been screaming in pain had now been moved away so there was just me in the center with the leader. Hell...

"Mark," the leader called out to one vampire. I was not sure who he was as there were around twenty vampires around me. I cringed away from the leader as he stepped closer to me. "Do it," he hissed.

A sudden pain exploded in my head, and I fell to the ground, clutching it and screaming. Oh god, the agony. With every spasm, there was more pain.

"Please, stop!" I yelled.

"We will, if you tell us."

I didn't open my mouth as I bit down on my tongue hard, the urge to tell them the truth was intense so that the pain could go away.


Now physical pain. It's as if someone was kicking me again and again like I was their soccer ball. My head throbbing with pain and my body bruising, tears stung to my eyes, blurring my vision.

Ash...where are you?

The End

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